Author Topic: Lockett family- looking for a george lockett my grandfather  (Read 47 times)


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Hi, i am looking for my grandfather or more information about him, i am his bilogical grandson.  His name is george lockett, he was a manager at the billiards hall in chatham hill in the 1970s, my father had no contact from in in the 1980s as he was adopted/ fosterd. I have searching for him for years now. But still cant find any information about him. My father tried for years before i was born but i think he gave up or lost all hope. GEORGE LOCKETT  and he was a partner to JUNE PEARSON at that time bit june sadly passed away 1974 at st marys hospice.

If anyone has any information or someone who worked at the billiards hall in the 1970s could help me please, i would much be so appreciated for that thankyou. X
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