Author Topic: Manchester University bans use of 'Mother' and 'Father'?  (Read 179 times)


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A university has advised staff against using the terms "mother" and "father" to avoid bias and assumption.
The University of Manchester's guidance on inclusive language encourages the use of gender-neutral terms such as "partner" or "guardian" instead.

Jonathan Gullis, Conservative MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, Kidsgrove and Talke, described the guidance as "wokery gone mad".
The university has denied scrapping or banning any words.
The guidance, which was circulated to staff earlier this week, was created by the university's equality, diversity and inclusion team.
It follows feedback from colleagues who suggested they would like more advice on which terms and language to use, the university said.
The guidance recommends using gender-neutral terms, rather than those that make sex distinction such as:
You or they/their/them, not he/she or him/her
People/person or individual(s), rather than man/men or woman/women
Everyone/colleagues, rather than ladies and gentlemen/guys
Parent or guardian, rather than mother or father
Partner, rather than husband or wife
Sibling, rather than brother or sister
Artificial or synthetic, rather than man-made
Humankind, not mankind
Workforce, not manpower
We provide cover or staff, rather than to 'man'

The guidance has been criticised on social media with some labelling the advice as "language policing" while others defended the move, stating that schools and universities have used terms like "parent or guardian" instead of "mother and father" for decades.
Toby Young, general secretary of the Free Speech Union, said: "If I was a student at Manchester University I'm not sure I would regard this as a good use of my 9,250 a year.
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Re: Manchester University bans use of 'Mother' and 'Father'?
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Re: Manchester University bans use of 'Mother' and 'Father'?
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