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Greater Manchester's bus network is being brought back under public control.
The region's buses will be run in a London-style system where operators bid to run services on a franchise basis.
Mayor Andy Burnham approved the plans, saying privatisation had brought "35 years of routes being cut and ticket prices rising".
Stagecoach, which is seeking a judicial review over the proposals, said it was "disappointed and surprised".
The franchise model, estimated to cost 135m, was backed by nine of the region's 10 councils.
Mr Burnham said since the buses were privatised in 1986 some areas in Greater Manchester had "no services at all", ticket prices had risen and routes had been cut.

"We can only change that and hold the decline if we bring the buses back under the control of the public and the public authorities of Greater Manchester," he said.

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Re: Gr. Manchester bus network back under public control
« Reply #1 on: 15:31:41, 05/04/21 »
Fantastic news.

Public transport to be run for the benefit of the passenger, not the shareholders once again.

Well done to Andy Burnham for making this decision.

He is indeed quite correct in that if franchising is good for London, then it should be good for Manchester too.

I'd love to know the Tory rationale for regulating London's buses, but leaving every other city at the mercy of greedy bus companies?

Finally, I wonder what colour TFGM will decide on?

It would be nice and sentimental to bring back our orange and white buses, but this is a new era and I think a new colour would be best.