Author Topic: Our Friends Eclectic B2B Special w/ Naughty Panda, Banana + more!  (Read 452 times)

Our Friends Eclectic

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A night of Back2Back battle sessions featuring DJs from some of Manchester's most epic nights including Naughty Panda, Banana and Idiosync....

Expect the best from various forms of underground dance including, Minimal Tech, Breakbeat, Electro, Techno, Tech-House and a few tracks you might recognise from a few years ago!   :D



Recently celebrating their 2nd Birthday in style at Joshua Brooks, these guys have been nominated for 'Best Small Club Event' at the Breakspoll awards for the last 2 years running! If you still don't know what they're all about - then check this video out!

Representing NP at this event will be CHRIS K & BEATNiX. Both are accomplished DJs, with Chris K having an enviable reputation in the breaks scene and BEATNiX recently also working closely with another of Our Friends - Micron in their new venture @ the corner.

Check out this fresh Naughty Panda Residents selection mix from BEATNiX


We're majorly excited about having these guys join us for this event! Banana have been tearing up events in Manchester for over a year now and recently had the legend 'Drums of Death' smashing up their first birthday party!! - No jelly and ice cream at that one!

Packing the punches for BANANA will be JOSEPH GOULCHER, who'll be travelling over from his side of the Pennines to join us. Joseph was booked to play this years Glade festival along with our resident Mark McIver until it was cancelled! :( But we have him here! YEAH!! :)

...and new signing to Banana Management: PATCHWORK. Flick through patchwork's record box and you will most probably find yourself thinking.. "this guy's a nutter... or an absolute genius!" Not many DJs would start a set with 'Earth, Wind and Fire' and finish on the most disturbing Proxy-esque beats we've ever heard! PATCHWORK would!


Kym Flamingo is the brainchild of Guy Richards and Scott Langford (CTRL.D). These highly talented lads have a residency at Manchester techno night Relapse... have played at sankeys and Spektrum numerous times recently and are part of the driving force behind manchester clubnight iDiOSYNC (recently bringing Annie Errez and Bobby O'Donnell from SYSTEM in Leeds over to play!).

► RESIDENT DJs - [ Mark McIver B2B DCDJs ]

The residents Mark McIver and DCDJs have ben cooking up a storming 3 way B2B2B session for you guys! There will be an audio assualt of carefully selected tunes firing from the speakers! Featuring plenty of unsung classics from over the last few years... tracks you knew and loved when they were released but have now for some reason been banished to the confines of the underground dance music history books!

Fresh, innovative & unpredictable - this will be a set not to be missed!


Friday 23rd July @ Joshua Brooks (Basement) 10pm - 4am

FREE ENTRY before 10:30pm / 5 after



2.50 house double & mixer
2 can of Tuborg
1 shots


Our Friends Eclectic is a celebration of all things good in the dance music world. Be it House, Techno, full on Electro, Berlin Minimal, chunky Breakbeat or even Italo-Disco we love all forms of underground dance music and aim to bring you regular manchester raves that demonstrate our love for those sounds.

We're a houseparty in a club and we ask our renowned DJ's to play *literally* whatever they want. This is a chance for them to maybe try something new and perhaps play a set they might not get to play in other clubs where the crowd are expecting a 'certain sound'....

We hate the big club mentality of booking huge names, charging 15 entry, ramming the club past capacity and then taxing you 6 a drink. If you're tired of this [censored] too, come check us out and support the real underground Manchester scene.