Author Topic: Vegetarian Restaurants  (Read 1212 times)


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Vegetarian Restaurants
« on: 13:56:06, 13/11/06 »
Can anyone advise me which would be the best Veggie places between Altrincham & Chorlton....?


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Re: Vegetarian Restaurants
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Have you thought of relocating to Belfast, nightofjoy ??? You posted three messages and not one Manchester person had the courtesy to send you a reply. Like a member on another thread you asked a civil question and did not receive an answer. Two black marks for Mamchester.
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Re: Vegetarian Restaurants
« Reply #2 on: 00:35:17, 19/12/06 »
Ive heard of one called Greens in Didsbury which always seems to get a good write up.

Never tried it myself though, but that's because I like a bit of meat and two veg  :-* (Note to the hubby- Only kidding!)

Also there's another I've heard of called Earth Cafe (i think).  Think it's somewhere on Oxford road, or in fallowfield or somewhere around there?

Interesting Fact for Veggies here! Did you know that Veggie curries have more fat than meat ones?  Apparently because they absorb more oil in cooking- More boring facts where that came from!



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Hello all the way from Brazil
« Reply #3 on: 08:26:42, 31/12/18 »
Hello guys, I'm all the way from  USA


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Re: Vegetarian Restaurants
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Welcome to the forum, what are you doing New Year's Eve?
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