Author Topic: Vodafone signal problems for iPhone in Didsbury / Withington  (Read 1858 times)


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I have an iPhone 3GS with Vodafone

I've had a persistent problem with signal since I moved to Didsbury in October.

I usually have 3-4 bars of signal but the signal keeps completely cutting out, sometimes for several minutes.  I also often have no signal when other people on Vodafone do.

Vodafone are F&%$$G useless.  I have spent many hours going through everything they've told me to try and they've even replaced my handset.  Now after I've registered a complaint with them, someone called me to tell me that "It seems to be a problem with the iPhone" and that i can either put up with it or change to a different type of phone. I get the feeling however that they know more than they are willing to let on.

I would find it impossible to believe that I am the only person to have encountered this problem.  Has anyone else reported this problem / been told anything else about it? Has anyone had the problem with an iPhone 4 / on another network?   

I use my phone a lot for work and i can't afford to carry on with putting up with this so any advice any has would be much appreciated.