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Belle Vue
« on: 15:43:28, 22/03/11 »
Does anyone remeber Belle Vue..I started thinking about it when I was reading the Stock Car piece, I remeber it had a zoo and a fair, when I was little I used to be taken to watch thw wrestling there, and in the 70's I saw my teenage idols the Osmonds there...happy days  :smitten:
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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #1 on: 18:10:13, 20/10/12 »
As there was already a thread on the subject of Belle Vue, I thought of adding some more vintage adverts just for curiosity.

This one is from a guide book dated 1847, which shows the layout of the gardens, and the three-quarter mile racecourse which was used in 1847 and 1848.  The line of the avenue leading towards Longsight Station is shown, but the Longsight entrance gateway had not as yet been built.  In the foreground is Hyde Road and the original Belle Vue Inn:

Below is a layout plan from a guide book dated 1957, showing the changes made by the Joseph/Forte management after the 1956 takeover:

Below is another layout plan, this time from a guide book dated 1973 which shows the zoo in its final form shortly before it closed:

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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #2 on: 18:17:11, 20/10/12 »
Thanks Carl,  interesting that celebrities visited as well :)
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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #3 on: 18:50:28, 20/10/12 »
I can only recall vaguely going to Belle Vue back in the early 1970's, but to be honest my memories of this place are a bit hazy to say the least.  From what I gather, there were spectacular firework displays held here which attracted quite large crowds.


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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #4 on: 19:55:48, 20/10/12 »
On the subject of fireworks, I stumbled across this list from an old book I have on Belle Vue which mentions themed firework displays which took place every year from 1852 up until 1969.  During the period 1940-1945, it appears there were no displays held.

1852:  The Bombardment of Algiers                                       
1853:  The Storming of Seringapatam                                     
1854:  The Burning of Moscow
1855:  The Siege of Sebastopol
1856:  The Storming of Malakoff
1857:  The Siege of Gibraltar
1858:  The Storming of Delhi
1859:  The Temple of Janus
1860:  The Storming of Badajoz

1861:  The Emperor's Palace and City of Pekin
1862:  The Battle of the Nile
1863:  The Relief of Lucknow
1864:  The Siege of Charlestown
1865:  The Earthquake at Lisbon
1866:  Carnival of Rome
1867:  The Siege of Acre
1868:  The Battle of Trafalgar
1869:  The Storming of Magdala
1870:  The Storming of Quebec

1871:  The Bombardment of Strasbourg
1872:  Napoleon crossing the Alps
1873:  Defeat of the Spanish Armada
1874:  The Battle of Waterloo
1875:  The Capture of Coomassie
1876:  The Prince at Calcutta
1877:  The War in Servia
1878:  The Siege and Fall of Plevna
1879:  The Afghan War
1880:  The Burning of the Tuileries

1881:  The Battle of Navarino
1882:  Carnival of Venice
1883:  The Battle of Tel el Kebir
1884:  The Siege of Constantinople 1453
1885:  The Siege and Defence of Khartoum
1886:  The Storming of San Sebastian
1887:  The City of London
1888:  The Siege of Malta
1889:  The Storming of the Bastille
1890:  The Storming of Cairo

1891:  The Battle of Inkerman
1892:  The Battle of Cape St. Vincent
1893:  American Indian War
1894:  The Siege of Granada / Success to the Ship Canal
1895:  The Storming of Port Arthur
1896:  The Battle of Alma
1897:  The Matabele War
1898:  The Storming of Dargai
1899:  The Soudan Campaign
1900:  The Siege of Ladysmith

1901:  The War in China
1902:  The Battle of Paardeberg
1903:  The Capture of Gibraltar
1904:  The Attack on Port Arthur
1905:  The Battle of Muckden
1906:  Delhi during the Indian Mutiny
1907:  The Battle of Blenheim
1908:  The Defence of Mafeking
1909:  The Bombardment of Alexandria
1910:  The Battle of Manchester

1911:  The Relief of Lucknow
1912:  The Burning of Hankow
1913:  The Balkan War
1914:  The Battle of Kandahar
1915:  The Battle of the Marne
1916:  The War in Flanders
1917:  The Battle of the Ancre
1918:  The Fight for Liberty
1919:  Mons 1914-1918
1920:  The Capture of Jerusalem

1921:  The Chinese War - the Storming of the Taku Forts
1922:  The Storming of Kotah 1858
1923:  The Redskins
1924:  Mexico
1925:  Cannibals
1926:  The Reign of Terror
1927-8:  Ordinary Displays
1929:  The Battle of Vimy Ridge
1930:  The Storming of Badajoz

1931:  Waterloo
1932:  China - The Sack of Pekin
1933:  India - The Massacre of Cawnpore
1934:  India - The Siege of Delhi
1935:  Sudan - The Destiny of Egypt
1936:  San Sebastian 1836
1937:  The Golden Pagoda of Rangoon
1938:  Fantasy Battle
1939:  India 1757

1946-53:  Ordinary Displays
1954:  The Storming of Quebec
1955:  The Relief of Lucknow
1956:  Robin Hood
1957-69:  Ordinary Displays

The firework display of 1956, 'Robin Hood', was not a financial success and subsequently only 'ordinary displays' were shown up until 1969.  That year was the last for firework displays as these had gradually been losing their popularity.  The management at the time weren't keen on them, pointing to several cases of animals being injured and even dying as a result of shock.


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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #5 on: 10:34:40, 21/10/12 »
I remember going to Belle Vue in the sixties, we caught the 53 on Queens Rd. I remember the fireworks and trolley buses there. There was a big lake with hire boats in it  and mini railway running around it, a big dipper, elevated rollercoaster and lots of other rides.
There were lots aof animal enclosures, they were closed during the foot anfd mouth epidimic
There was also a big penny arcade where kids roll pennies into machines which pushed them over into a chute   


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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #6 on: 13:05:33, 21/10/12 »
I recall going to watch the speedway and stock cars. exciting stuff as a kid. Belle Vue Aces.  and when the racing finished it also gave free admission to the funfair for the last hour or so.


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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #7 on: 14:28:06, 21/10/12 »
I used to work in Caeser's Palace bar and we would go into the kitchens for the Palm Court for our break to get some toast.  That was late 60s/early 70s.  To fit in with the theme we had to wear tabards and a belt round our waists made out of mock Roman coins.  Quite a few regulars through the week who were a good crowd.  Weekends, especially Bank Holidays, could be frantic.  Also when the Speedway was on or the stock car races.  My younger brother sold ice creams in the stadium when the stock cars or bikes were there.

From there I went to work at the Lake Hotel which was on the corner where the 53 bus used to stop.  They had a concert room but to be honest, the programme was hardly ever changed and you could tell the time by which song was being played by the live house band.  Good fun though and again the regulars were a great crowd.

There used to be buses laid on by Belle Vue to get people home after all the different bars and dances were finished.

As a young child, used to like going to the zoo there and going on the fairground but never, ever went on the Bobs.  Still don't like that kind of fairground ride.


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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #8 on: 14:38:17, 21/10/12 »
Memories of Belle Vue would be incomplete without mention of The Bobs  O0 guaranteed to put hairs on anyones chest! There are quiet a few videos of Belle Vue and the bobs on Youtube. interesting stuff.
Its a shame we've lost the zoo, gardens, funfair, speedway etc and all we get to replace it is a multiplex cinema.


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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #9 on: 15:30:28, 21/10/12 »
I think I went to see some stockcar racing - it must have been Belle Vue or could it have been the White City :-\
Remember going to a circus somewhere too
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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #10 on: 20:12:15, 22/10/12 »
Oh yeah, they had a circus at Chrismas every year - it was brilliant.  Our local lolly pop man used to take a gang of us to it - nothing funny or anything but can you imagine him being allowed to do that these days!  That same lolly pop man used to have us round to his house on the nights Coronation Street was on.  Kids either without a telly or old one like us that just had BBC.  Looking back, I think he was really lonely for his family over in Ireland and it was all innocent.  Most of us were street wise and would not have gone anywhere near him if he was dodgy.


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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #11 on: 20:59:29, 22/10/12 »
Link to Belle Vue circus thread,6299.msg82951.html#msg82951

and an excuse to upload another photo  ;)
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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #12 on: 20:03:35, 11/12/12 »
I worked thier 1972/3 those were happy days i worked on the satalite shoot the rapids ghost train minature railway & was a brake man on the water shute frank murphy was the amusement park manager i remember the times when we work all night taking down the concert stage and putting up the wrestling ring, we also worked on the T Rex & Jackson 5 concerts those were happy days

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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #13 on: 22:40:17, 11/12/12 »
Oh I loved Belle Vue, the fair the zoo the boating lake and the roller skating rink! There was a little booth near the zoo where you could make your own record as well.
This was like going on holiday in the summer holidays, just hop on the 53 bus!


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Re: Belle Vue
« Reply #14 on: 17:58:03, 15/10/13 »
Absolutely!  Kings Hall for wrestling or alternatively the speedway then through into the funfair to ride on the Scenic Railway or Bobs coaster then finally into the Elizabethan for some dancing and refreshment.  Whether you went to speedway or wrestling, the same ticket allowed you to stay in Belle Vue all night. Wonderful memories - Peter Craven, Mick McManus, Les Kellet - names that meant something in those days..  Finally at the end of the evening was the fireworks display over the lake...