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Live Music Act 2012
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Hi everyone, hows it going?

I am currently carrying out some research on the effect of the new Live Music Act 2012 and I would be delighted if you could take part by answering some questions regarding the new act.  The Live Music Act 2012 allows, as of 1st October 2012, venues with a capacity of under 200 people to host live amplified music without the need for a licence from their local council. 

This act will allow 13,000 more venues up and down the country to host live music along with making it easier for a further 20,400 already doing a stellar job. So, thatʼs 33,400 venues affected by this act! Now that could provide thousands of signed and unsigned acts with a whole host of new fans to play too, new places and venues to socialise and drink in and therefore increase profits for venues, promoters and musicians.

Bearing the above information in mind and providing you would like to take part in this survey I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions and or take part in the survey following the link below this questionnaire.

Do you think the Live Music Act 2012 is a positive thing for both Venues and Promoters and also for Musicians?
Since October 2012 have you started up any live music events, and if so have noticed your venue getting more custom or may have received positive feedback about such events being run?
If you are to run more nights in your venue whether it be in house promoted or outside promoters plugging the event, what type of night would you most likely allow to be run in your venue?  (Open mic night, Cover bands, Signed artists or Unsigned artists or all of the following ??)

I have also created an online  multiple choice survey/questionnaire using if you would like to fill out that questionnaire please copy and paste the following in a new window on your internet browser and take athe space out between the website and / if possible, it only takes 1 minute to complete and would be very much appreciated. /s/3BFGHZS

Many thanks


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