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Re: North Manchester Grammar School For Boys.
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Kick up the bottom from the IRA? So are we to assume Salman Abedi contributed to improvements at the Arena, if we follow that logic?  :-\

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Re: North Manchester Grammar School For Boys.
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Mmm. "It is a fact that Sibson was a paedophile. We all knew it. We all knew his latest squeeze. We all took steps to avoid placing ourselves in a position of risk. Although we talked to each other about his behaviour, we never told our parents and/or members of staff."

Easy enough to throw mud when the fellow's been dead for years. I'd have thought that in these days of 'fake news' (nothing new about that of course), and with a good education behind us, we might have done better than to say 'We all knew it'. Come on 'Blackley Boy'! Put your own personal story down, if you have one. I've told my story and in 8 years at NMGS I never heard anyone say Sibson had done anything of a sexual nature to them. Somewhat sadistic, perhaps, but in those days that was acceptable. Too many people in recent years have been falsely accused of sexual misdemeanours - I'm remembering Paul Gambaccini and Clif Richard, plus Neymar (and there were other footballers too). Not really fair, I'd say.

Also, in my last year at NMGS I can immediately think of at least three Jewish Prefects (by name, and I rather think four). That'd be about a representative percentage of the 6th Form population. So, paedophile and antisemitic. Anything else you'd like to throw in?  ::)
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Re: North Manchester Grammar School For Boys.
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I haven't checked this site for a long time because there have been very few posts over the years. But replying to Phil the Mill's post, I do not agree with everything in Blackley Boy's post, to which he is responding. I saw no evidence that Sibson was anti-semitic, for instance, if that is the implication.

However, if you never heard one person in 8 years there say that Sibson had done something of a sexual nature to them, then all I can say is you must have walked around with your ears and eyes closed. You ask Blackley Boy to 'put your own personal story down'. Well, a couple of points. In this world, there are plenty of people who have been abused who choose not to share the details. That is their right. It doesn't mean they cannot state that they have been sexually abused just because they are unwilling to go into detail in a public forum. Nor does it mean they cannot state, in good faith, what they had been told was happening to others. That is precisely why the likes of Savile and others got away with it. Yes, Sibson is dead, but would you rather no one had talked about what Savile was doing, because he too is dead?

Further, if you care to scroll back through the whole thread, there have been several who have been willing to 'put their story down'.

I was one of the (probably majority of) lucky ones. I was not abused by Sibson. But I did have several friends at NMGS who recounted what he did in detail, so maybe I'll 'put their story down' for them. What is the definition of sexual abuse? 'Somewhat sadistic' you appear to agree Sibson was, but that alone is not sexual abuse. But asking a boy to pull down his trousers after a beating to assess the damage, putting his hand on their backsides when doing it? Well that sounds like some kind of sexual abuse to me. But if your retort is that I am not in a position to say that because it didn't happen to me personally, well, I'd suggest you read the court transcript from the Stuart Hall trial. Hall was convicted because so many victims not connected with each other told similar stories.

We were in different times then. Boys who alleged they had had this kind of thing done to them by Sibson tended to laugh it off. As Blackley Boy said, they just kept out of his way afterwards. They were unlikely to be believed in the environment of an old fashioned Grammar School decades before the high profile cases were reported, and to my knowledge none of them reported their experience to anyone in a senior position. Sibson was the headmaster. To whom would they have gone? And no one else, yes, including me, was going to report on hearsay and throw away their school career if the actual victims were not prepared to come forward themselves.

So I would conclude that having heard similar stories from several fellow pupils in different years and different classes, that is less 'fake news' than to contend he was innocent just because no one told you. By all means reserve your judgment but please don't denigrate those who remember how they needed to conduct themselves with the man as Blackley Boy has done. Rather, read the testimony of others.
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