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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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Is there anybody around who was at Kirby Lane from 1963 to 1968? I started in 1H, Mr Halesí class then went into the L stream as they decided I wasnít cut out for A levels and university. I left in July 1968 and went straight into an apprenticeship as a draughtsman with a building firm. Some of the names in my class were Arthurs, Barber, Henderson, Lavin, Welch, Watson, Josephson and others I canít remember. 
Never met up with anybody from the old class after leaving. Saw Welch one crossing Mount Road and I nearly ran over him on my scooter but not sure if he saw me. Would love to hear from anyone from those times.

Alan J

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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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Hello John,
I'm sorry that I have not been on the site for a week or two and have not responded to your post.  I have taken on the responsibility to welcome Old Boys to the merry band.  I had left MCGSFB a year before you joined but there are many members on the site from your generation up to when the School ceased to be a Grammar School and eventually closed.  I hope that you are contacted before long and that you are in good health.
Alan Jackson