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Cafe Royal, Manchester
« on: 17:25:37, 18/09/13 »
Does anyone remember a Restaurant/Café on Peter Street, Manchester, on the other side of the street from the Free Trade Hall - not quite opposite.  This was in the late 1950s/early 60s.  I know that it isn't there now, but was it called the 'Café Royal'?


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Re: Cafe Royal, Manchester
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Here it is, i'm sure my brother worked there as a waiter in the late 50s/early 60s, he had a white shirt with a red bow tie iirc

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Re: Cafe Royal, Manchester
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I worked there in the late 70's early 80's. It was a berni inn by then. But we still had some older customers from its heyday. There was a small bar on the left had side as you went through the main bar which was frequented by local glitterati.


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Re: Cafe Royal, Manchester
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I frequently visited the Cafe Royal frequently between the ages of seven and 13 (1968 and 1974). My father was a barrister whose chambers were at 47 Peter Street immediately next door.
He would drink large amounts of scotch in the Doubles Bar (tartan wallpaper), which was situated immediately on the left after you went through the revolving door. I sat outside with a coke waiting for him. I also ate in one of the restaurants - there were several on different floors, serving steak, scampi in batter etc. I must have visited the place 50-60 times as a child. 

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Re: Cafe Royal, Manchester
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I'm  Honotia GROARK THOMAS I was in 1962 office junior at Manchester Law Society my boss wondergull man Mr Eric Knott and Mrs Parker at Xmas we had our Xmas party at the wonderfull Cafe Royal Peter Street  was then   posh  restaurant not  a common  Berni  Inn. Did you know it was  the Balcony at  the Royal. Where the  lord mayor ex gave orders  to charge on people the Peterloo Massacre they modernized the front of building later. Years look away. It s market. Street Tore down  magnificent buildings. Hence Arundale  centre. Eye sites ruined Manchester .l spent lots happy  days in doubles. Bar when I worked. At Granada TV. Down the road it was then a common  Berni  Inn bit still a great. Meeting. Place as was  Tommy Ducks. Another loss to our city .Gaumon Cinema Long Bar.Ritz Balloon so many many. Happy memories  of  my youth. I'm a Salford. Girl Irlam O Th Heights could go on. Forcever   but need a Gin ......get in touch if you read this....Albert Pemberton from. Formby Road what. Happened. To. You  in life


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Re: Cafe Royal, Manchester
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Welcome to the forum :)

A very interesting post, we need more Cafe Royals, the afternoon teas at the Midland are good too ;)
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