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Manchester Genealogy / 24 Barmouth Street, Bradford
« Last post by daisynook on Today at 13:03:26 »
I have been searching for my Irish ancestory for many years to no avail.  I know everything about her and her family from around 1872 just before she married.  Her name was Sarah Kelly with father Michael Kelly.  I have recently found a record that shows a family on 1861 Census living at 24 Barmouth Street, Bradford, Manchester.  She was only 7 years old but it shows the family came from Ireland.  She married William Mather in 1873 but I want to confirm I have the right family.
Any help or pictures of 24 Barmouth Street would be gratefully appreciated.
Old Manchester / Re: 1900's engineering works on Grafton Street
« Last post by SivartNeerod on Yesterday at 21:00:34 »
I have sent you some details to your Facebook page. x
Old Manchester / Re: Ancoats ... Little Ireland.
« Last post by Rubygeorge on 11:57:00, 04/05/21 »
I am looking for a gentleman with the name of Bill Goodwin approximately 75 years old.
Old Manchester / Re: Ancoats ... Little Ireland.
« Last post by celeste on 08:52:04, 04/05/21 »
Add as much information it's OK Ruby
Manchester Chat / Re: CHRISTMAS 2018
« Last post by celeste on 10:28:33, 03/05/21 »
This is so interesting. Can anyone help solve the mystery

Old Manchester / Re: Ancoats ... Little Ireland.
« Last post by Rubygeorge on 09:41:04, 03/05/21 »
Hi. I have just found out I am half Irish, I have done Ancestry DNA and discovered a half sister. Neither of us have met out father.  I have a name. A year and month he would of known my mother. He did live in Ancoats at the time. Is this forum ok to add my information?
Thank you.
Manchester Chat / Re: CHRISTMAS 2018
« Last post by cheethamgirl on 07:46:51, 03/05/21 »
Just had another look at the Horowitch reporting. Yiddish speaking Russian Morris, who had moved to UK fifty years before and never learned to speak English, went missing in 1939. In 1953 his two sons and his daughter asked the courts to declare him dead so they could take control of his £10,000 of assets. Then, two years later, in February 1955, a man, described as 5' 9" tall, in his thirties and wearing a fawn gabardine overcoat, turned up at the Brunswick house and battered Morris's sister Rose (aged 53) with an iron bar. She was seriously injured and spent some time in the Jewish Memorial Hospital. The man had demanded to know where Morris was.  It looks like Morris was never found. An unsolved mystery. Did someone else hunt him down and kill him, or did Morris simply do a bunk to evade his pursuers?
Manchester Chat / Re: CHRISTMAS 2018
« Last post by cheethamgirl on 07:25:57, 03/05/21 »
Hello, Russian Emigre. As a kid, I was fascinated by Barney's croft. My mother forbade me from playing there so, naturally, I did so at every opportunity. I'm still fascinated by the place and could never understand why it wasn't built upon long ago. I know people used to dump all sorts of rubbish there, even carboys of dodgy chemicals sometimes. I started researching Barney's in 2018 and I discovered a lot of births had been registered as having occurred there. It turns out these were births of travellers who regularly camped on Barney's. They had typical traveller names, such as Lee and Smith. Some were also fairground folks. I see that now that the site has been partly built over, it includes a permanent housing site for fairground folks.  Something else down there that used to fascinate me was the Queens Road bridge over the railway lines. When I used to look over the parapet as a kid, I thought it must be the deepest railway cutting on earth. To me, it seemed like a massive depression or valley, yet I suspect it probably only seemed so because I was a tot. It used to frighten me, especially as there was a house built to one side of the bridge and a long set of steps ran alongside it down towards the railway. 
Manchester Chat / Russian Emigre
« Last post by a childhood remembered on 22:45:26, 02/05/21 »
This is actually my family’s story. I had only heard the version told to my sister and me as children. Are there any more stories about Horowitch -  Our aunty Rosie Horowitch was in Manchester newspaper as she was attacked in her house in Brunswick Street by someone looking for her brother Morris Horowitch. Thanks a childhood remembered

quote author=cheethamgirl link=topic=13127.msg311622#msg311622 date=1545571337]
I've been greatly enjoying my subscription to the British Newspaper Archive. It's great for research. But I came across a snippet which Oldron and others might find interesting.

In August 1956, four schoolboys - Brothers David (12) and John (10) Lucas  of Boyle St., Cheetham and brothers Leonard (9) and Eric Stapleton (6) of Temple Square, were playing on Barney's Croft when they came across and old sofa dumped there. They jumped up and down on it and out fell a bank pass book containing banknotes amounting to £1,300. They dutifully handed these over to the police.

Investigation revealed that the bank book belonged to a gentleman named Mr Myer Horowitch. Horowitch was a Russian émigré who had come to Manchester at the turn of the 20th century and had never learned English or become naturalised but had made a small fortune running a scrap rag and metal business at 25-31 Mary Street, Strangeways. He had gone missing from his home, 1 Brunswick St., Cheetham  in 1939 whilst his family were out at the theatre, and he was never found. He was declared dead in 1954 and his estate, valued at £10,000, was inherited by his three children. Following his disappearance, his children had sold the sofa for £6. It had passed through several owners until eventually, it had been bought by a Mrs Webster who lived in a caravan parked on Barney's Croft. She had subsequently bought a new sofa and chucked out the old one onto the croft. She was kicking herself to think she'd been sitting on £1,300 for six months and hadn't known anything about it!

Whats on in Manchester / Re: JOE BROWN
« Last post by paul10 on 18:27:32, 02/05/21 »
I have read that he is one of the UK's top guitarists

He's one of the greatest guitarists!
I like him a lot!
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