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Sport & Activities / Re: Beeb and sport.
« Last post by Parky on Today at 16:19:29 »
Beeb intervewer to Roger Federer, " back when you were a ball kid".
She could'nt say ball boy?. Is it just me?.
I'll be watching come July if men and women term is avoided. 8) 8)
The bbc innit? , de fund now
Sport & Activities / Beeb and sport.
« Last post by lozflan on Today at 14:08:29 »
Beeb intervewer to Roger Federer, " back when you were a ball kid".
She could'nt say ball boy?. Is it just me?.
I'll be watching come July if men and women term is avoided. 8) 8)
Manchester Chat / Re: REFORM U.K.
« Last post by St Chads Lad on Today at 12:18:10 »

The crusade launched by BBC’s “Disinformation Correspondent” Marianna Spring to accuse Reform supporters on social media of being bots has ended up in farce. Spring got a two-minute segment on BBC News at Ten last night to talk about her week-long research project, which appears to be based on her observation that more people post messages in favour of Reform than other parties on social media. The party has just polled above the Tories…

Spring listed numerous accounts “with no profile image and numerical usernames – common hallmarks of fake accounts“. Guido had a look at the chief culprit of Spring’s incisive report – a Twitter account called “GenZbloomer”. Apart from suggesting that the account was a foreign agent, Spring failed to mention in her article that it had only 164 followers. Whether or not it is a real person, their tweets will be seen by about 14 people…

So tawdry is Spring’s evidence of a mass bot campaign in favour of Reform that she spends most of the second half of the article going through all the accounts that turned out to be real people, including those who graciously agreed to speak to her on the phone to prove their authenticity. Reform says it’s “delighted at the organic growth of online support“. Is this the best the BBC has got?
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester Evening News latest.
« Last post by celeste on Today at 11:05:24 »
There could be more of the same only with four kids!
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester Evening News latest.
« Last post by Parky on Today at 11:03:38 »
Maybe a proper journalist would have asked her what benefits she gets and where’s the father/s
Manchester Chat / Re: Manchester Evening News latest.
« Last post by St Chads Lad on Today at 10:46:08 »
More poverty porn,
  "Three kids, no job, and the council will not give me a four bedroom bungalow"

Manchester Chat / Re: News Today
« Last post by celeste on Today at 08:14:40 »

The G7 has agreed to use frozen Russian assets to raise $50bn (£39bn) for Ukraine to help it fight invading Russian forces.
US President Joe Biden said it was another reminder to Russia "that we're not backing down", but Moscow has threatened "extremely painful" retaliatory measures.

Manchester Chat / Re: Election 2024
« Last post by ExileSteve on Yesterday at 22:19:05 »
The Hit Pieces Start
June 4, 2024 Longrider General News, General Rants, misanthropy, Political, sophistry 2

Nigel Farage is getting under their skin at the Guardian.

Reform UK’s leader, who is also its majority shareholder, has influence over rightwing, socially conservative voters. That frightens the Tories, some of whose supporters like the sound of Mr Farage’s antediluvian views. His parties have fomented rage, paranoia and xenophobia. He can claim to have been responsible in large part for Britain’s departure from the EU, a historic mistake for which this country continues to pay a heavy price. His Brexit party’s indirect electoral impact, say academics, was substantial: in splitting the leave vote in Labour seats, Mr Farage cost the Conservatives around 25 gains from Labour in 2017.

And so the [censored] starts. What these cretins seem unable to grasp is that his views are shared by decent people across the country. There are not antediluvian, they are rational and reasonable. But never mind, just scatter the usual far left buzzwords and hope a few of them stick, eh?

As for Brexit being a failure, this is not down to Farage, but those tasked with implementing it.

. Mr Farage’s blatant racism at the start of the campaign – claiming that Muslims lack British values – should ring alarm bells.

Muslims do not share British values. This is an objective statement of observable fact. Certainly alarm bells are ringing as scenes such as those in Batley play out. Pointing out this truth is not racism, because Islam is not a race. It is a totalitarian ideology that is the antithesis of British values.

However, with the former Tory prime minister Liz Truss appearing on far-right YouTube shows…

This is a reference to the Lotus Eaters. Jess Phillips complained to Sunak about this appearance, because Carl Benjamin once made an off colour joke at her expense and she is still butt hurt about it. However, the Lotus Eaters is not far right. To say that it is, is a falsehood, but this is the Guardian, so lying is par for the course. These vile [censored] never let facts, reason or truth get in the way of their prejudice and bigotry.

That they are openly attacking Farage and Reform tells us that they are worried. Personally, I’m not over optimistic. Nige has a decent chance of taking Clacton, but our system is a mountain for new parties, so at best, a handful of seats, I suspect.

But have you noticed that no one seems to be talking about the Lib Dems?


The way I see it, in my humble opinion, is that if the signs and portents are genuine and true then we might see Reform doing rather well at the expense of the fake Conservatives. Reform will win few (if any) seats, but if they can precipitate the downfall of the Tories they will be providing the country with an invaluable gift; the complete annihilation of this organisation, and it's replacement with a new and credible opposition to Labour, ls essential if we are to have any chance of saving what remains of Great Britain.

I have a fantasy revolving around the fake Conservatives finishing up, not only with zero seats, but also with a lost deposit in every constituency. It won't happen of course, but it is a lovely dream nevertheless.......🥰

Manchester Chat / Re: REFORM U.K.
« Last post by Parky on Yesterday at 15:09:54 »
Definitely,m without germanys defeat in ww 1 there would have been no ww2 ,
Manchester Chat / Re: Election 2024
« Last post by St Chads Lad on Yesterday at 13:32:39 »
One things for sure, on 5th July after Smarmer & co take over there won't be any 'far right' masked mobs running amok destroying things and burning our cities.
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