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Sport & Activities / Re: Football
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 12:55:48, 16/05/21 »
Congratulations to Rangers on winning the Scottish Premier league, I'm absolutely made up, a long road back after being put into administration in 2012, big thank you to Steven Gerrard and his staff, the current squad, and all ex-players that played their part in this achievement.

Sport & Activities / F.A. CUP FINAL 2021 LEICESTER V CHELSEA
« Last post by celeste on 10:09:52, 16/05/21 »
leicester v chelsea fa cup - Google

Congrats. to Leicester 1-0 winners
Why not.

Most mothers would want to know the facts.
Anthony Grainger: Mother vows to fight for secret evidence release - BBC News

[size=inherit]The mother of a man shot dead by Greater Manchester Police (GMP) has vowed to fight to release the secret evidence shrouding part of his case.[/size]

Anthony Grainger, 36, was killed during a covert operation in March 2012.

Marina Schofield, from Salford, who lost a legal bid to reveal the sensitive material, said she would continue to try to have it made public.

She said lessons needed to be learned so "no other mother gets that knock at the door".

Mr Grainger was one of a group under surveillance in Operation Shire suspected of planning commercial robberies.

Armed officers had been wrongly briefed that he was armed and violent.

Some of the intelligence has never been disclosed to his family.

Last month High Court judges rejected Ms Schofield's claim that intercept evidence should be admissible in prosecutions where charges relate to "a lethal criminal offence by a state agent".
Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
« Last post by rbsuper on 13:38:44, 15/05/21 »
Hi guys.
I'm Richard Bradshaw and I was at Central Grammar between '65 & '70.
Anyone on this forum who was in class 1P, then 2C, 3C etc.
Let me know and we can have a chat

Computers & Tech / Re: obsolete
« Last post by lozflan on 06:54:41, 14/05/21 »
Blue tooth?I like visible stuff,also obsolete Amazon Firestick,that had a short life together with Roku/Rakuten also built in TV. Wasted 60.
They say there is a shortage of chips,I wonder why.
Manchester Genealogy / Re: Cheetham Jewish Hospital
« Last post by mikegahan00 on 13:04:47, 13/05/21 »
I had my tonsils out there in the 60s and I'm not Jewish.
Computers & Tech / Re: obsolete
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 11:17:47, 13/05/21 »
Modern hi-fi systems are the same, no headphone outlet, modern TV's and audio devices are Bluetooth enabled, check your TV's features and get some Bluetooth headphones.
Computers & Tech / obsolete
« Last post by lozflan on 10:01:45, 13/05/21 »
Has anyone noticed,on newer tv's the connection for wired headphones ,has been discontinued.?.
My favourite choice for listening to music and handy for nightime tv.
Now gone,unless a paired speaker has a connection?
Manchester Chat / Re: CORONAVIRUS SCAM
« Last post by lozflan on 08:31:43, 13/05/21 »
NHS issued vitamin D to the at risk group. As they were free,it was'nt a scam on the public.
But was it a scam on the NHS?
Are suppliments a scam?.
After taking vit's D and C all winter and a Flu jab. I still got Flu.
Nothing new,it has happened once before. Won't waste money on vitamins again.
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