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Old Manchester / Re: FROM MELBOURNE
« Last post by lozflan on 09:28:32, 17/04/21 »
Went to your school for Woodwork lessons. Lesson one,sharpen your chisels.
Old Manchester / FROM MELBOURNE
« Last post by REUBEN LAZARUS on 23:26:11, 16/04/21 »

The force said it was working at "great pace" and the boy's attackers are not believed to have been known to him.
He was stabbed in the face, neck and body and remains in hospital in a stable condition.

Det Insp Nicola Walton said: "From our initial findings so far, we believe this incident was a random attack and we've been working at great pace since the report came in to establish how the boy's injuries came to be."
Manchester Chat / Re: Covid news
« Last post by celeste on 09:50:33, 16/04/21 »
I've mentioned before that I believed the virus was around a lot earlier than has been stated -  I know someone who was really 'poorly' and off work for a good few months.
Manchester Chat / Re: Covid news
« Last post by celeste on 09:47:54, 16/04/21 »

This means the virus may have arrived in Europe almost a month earlier than previously thought.
Dr Yves Cohen said a swab taken at the time was recently tested, and came back positive for Covid-19.
The patient, who has since recovered, said he had no idea where he caught the virus as he had not travelled abroad.
Knowing who was the first case is key to understanding how the virus spread.
The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is possible more early cases will come to light, and spokesman Christian Lindmeier urged countries to check records for similar cases in order to gain a clearer picture of the outbreak.
The French health ministry told the BBC that the government was obtaining confirmation on the case and that it would consider further investigations if they proved necessary.
France is not the only country where subsequent testing points to earlier cases. Two weeks ago, a post-mortem examination carried out in California revealed that the first coronavirus-related death in the US was almost a month earlier than previously thought.
Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
« Last post by konparde on 23:51:47, 15/04/21 »
I was at Central from 1966 to1973, the last year of the grammar school intake, and the photograph of Bill Lawes made me chuckle. There was nothing easier to deflect Curly Bill from teaching French than to mention the War. He told us about fishing drunken soldiers out of giants vats of calvados in Normandy and how you could always tell a genuine D-day veteran - they were issued with rope-soled galoshes to walk on the wet sand. He had no time for the Belgians who fired on allied troops trying to liberate them but seemed to have spent as much time developing a love of French food and wine as he did fighting. His stories were generally wasted on us as immature teenagers but it is funny how i can still remember them almost 50 years later. Steve (Zip) Nolan
Manchester Chat / Re: BBC Manchester News
« Last post by celeste on 20:47:45, 15/04/21 »

Two security guards have been charged with racially or religiously aggravated assault following an incident at the University of Manchester.
Police received a report of racially aggravated public order two days after the incident on 14 November.

Mohammad Akram, 54, of Plodder Lane, Bolton, and Christopher Worden, 56, of Old Road, Failsworth, will appear at Manchester Magistrates' Court in May.
Old Manchester / Re: BRADFORD, Manchester
« Last post by Manx on 17:58:34, 15/04/21 »
For Davina

Baths and Wash Houses, Barmouth Street (1964)

Bell Street from Gresham Street (1964)

The Clock Face Hotel, Ashton Old Road (1960) with what remains of the Royal Cinema on next block.

The "Manchester Geneology" board is best for discussing family histories.

Can't kids just be kids anymore? Get a ball and go and play, enjoy your young lives, be with friends.
  We're raising a generation of worriers, children shouldn't be brainwashed by the eco-fanatics.  ::)

Manchester schoolgirls determined to tackle air pollution


Two schoolgirls, from Manchester, say they are determined to make a difference by tackling air pollution outside their school.
Friends Jess and Jannat, who have been called "clean air heroes", are campaigning to stop traffic building up during the school run.
"I love being a clean air hero because we're inspiring other people and making it safe," said Jess.
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