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Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
« Last post by St Chads Lad on 20:14:22, 14/04/21 »
Sky employee who told colleague that two young girls wearing short skirts would be raped 'if this was Pakistan' wins unfair dismissal case, Minhas, 44, made comments while working at stand in Lancashire in 2019
  • Employees working at shopping centre to drum up business for Sky products
  • He was dismissed by Sky for gross misconduct and 'violating common decency'
  • Tribunal judge said Mr Minhas made a 'foolish remark' but ruled dismissal unfair

    . This scum gets off after discussing raping young women because they don't conform to his ethnic ideals, disgusting creep, if that's his belief he shouldn't be mixing in society, let alone working amongst the public.
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    Old Manchester / Re: Cheetham/Hill 1950s/60s?
    « Last post by Monica Collins on 10:44:08, 14/04/21 »
    I remember a Gerald Tierney ?  I went to St Josephs High School in Longsight. Is St Thomas's still there?
    Manchester Chat / Re: Watch out a scum bag ABOUT!
    « Last post by ExileSteve on 22:58:47, 13/04/21 »
    The law is notoriously lax with regard to sex offenders. This is partly because sex crimes, especially those directed towards children, are a highly effective way of ripping apart the "nuclear" families the Left hate with such a passion; and also because so many of the Establishment are Demonic perverts themselves.
    Just been reading back over these great comments it spurred me on to add my own.
    I went to St Peters between 1977 - 1982 in Owen Form (blue one I think). For some sad reason I can remember the register... Bagwell, Brady, Cleary, Crausby, Cunningham, Fawthright, Faulkner, Gill, Gray, Grogan, Husak, Mcelholme, Mahon, Manci, Mayes, Mountcastle, Nuttal, Pilling, Potter, Smyth, Villerino, Waldron, Williams (sorry if I missed you out)...I wonder what they are all doing now? I reckon David Williams is either a full time comedian or in prison! As for the teachers the ones that stick in my mind are Mr (Dave)Langston for English ('tell us a story about the war sir,' knowing full well that would take up all 35mins of the lesson), Mrs Curley for RE (used to go bright red when Chris Faulkner asked her about the immaculate conception), Eddie Brierley for History (I played football for his team in Swinton years after leaving school, great guy sadly died a few years ago), Mr Evans Geography and Form Master (had a lovely head of hair that I admired very much), Mr Mollyneux PE (looked like a 1970's porn star with Magnum style moustache and a massive centre parting), Mr Fairbairn Chemistry (always allowed us to blow things up next to the gas taps), I forgot the name of my Maths Teacher but I know he spent many a dinner time in the Ostrich Pub as he always smelled of beer in class. Talking of the Ostrich Pub I also remember Mr Walker the Deputy Head whose Office window was looking out to the Pub, little did I know I would spend many an hour in that same pub only looking back in the opposite direction!
    First female jockey to win the Grand National, brilliant

    Rachael Blackmore made sporting history by becoming the first female jockey to win the Grand National with victory on Minella Times at Aintree.
    The Irish rider scored a thrilling triumph aboard the 11-1 chance, trained by Henry de Bromhead who also saddled runner-up Balko Des Flos.
    "I don't feel male or female right now. I don't even feel human," 31-year-old Blackmore told ITV.
    Any Second Now was third, with Burrows Saint fourth.
    Where they finished in Grand National
    What happened on Grand National day?
    The 173rd running of the world's most famous steeplechase provided a story for the ages as Blackmore won in the colours of owner JP McManus.
    Blackmore had already achieved a landmark success at last month's Cheltenham Festival when becoming the first woman to be the meeting's leading jockey.
    She demonstrated perfect poise and timing to guide Minella Times expertly round the 30 fences over more than four and a quarter miles for victory by six and a half lengths.
    The closest a female jockey had previously come to winning the race was Katie Walsh on Seabass in 2012 when she finished third.
    "I cannot believe it," Blackmore said. "He was a sensational spin. It is unbelievable."
    Old Manchester / Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
    « Last post by Peter Jackson on 17:19:13, 10/04/21 »
    Hi there.  Yes, I recognise Mr Thomas, my old English teacher, from your photograph.  My name is Peter Jackson, I was a pupil at MCGS from 1960-1967 (one year at Whitworth Street and the rest of the time at Kirkmanshulme Lane) but I only discovered this interesting site yesterday!

    I seem to remember you (sorry to be vague) but I did switch classes, I started somewhere at Whitworth St and ended up in 4X and 6C in the 'new' premises (I think -  it was a very long time ago!)

    I did notice some old posts - circa 2016 - from Robert Jones and David Arnold who were my classmates for several years, and I remember (as pals and colleagues) Alan Milewczyk (I was later to be the 'best man' at his wedding, circa 1971 in Cardiff) Stewart McGough (who worked, much later, as an architect on the Millennium Dome project - and whom I met for a brief time some 18 years ago)  Colin Jackson (we travelled around Europe by train in the late 60s) and Steven Smith, who I remembered marrying a nice young lady called Veronica soon after they had left school.  But I have lost touch with everyone.

    I have fond memories of MCGS but I remember making 2 long bus journeys to school and 2 back home to West Didsbury, every day.  And there were days when we would walk home for a good portion of the journey as the 'pea soup' fog descended on Greater Manchester!  I had my fair share of caning - at the hands of Messrs de La Perelle, Caldbeck and others.  But it was a regular occurrence for many then, and I probably deserved it!   
    Mr Caldbeck, the woodwork/metalwork teacher, and I never saw eye to eye.  I was probably one of his worst students.  Regularly I would receive some punishment - including the cane - until I discovered that Mr C was a patient of my father who had a dental practice on Lapwing Lane, West Didsbury.  Armed with this information I used it as a shield, and I was spared the cane forever!  Presumably the fear of receiving short shrift at the hands of the dentist far outweighed the pleasure of applying the cane.

    I remember Arthur Panter (English) - he was a nice bloke and helped me achieve a good grade in my A level.  I remember Albert Winterbottom, and the occasion when some of us (I have conveniently forgotten who!) sent a removal van to his house.  It had been booked with the express request 'make it a large one please as I have a grand piano.'   There were several terrified pupils one day when at the end of a French lesson Mr W told my class 'I know what you have done to me, and I shall make you pay for it.'   Fortunately, it became clear later that he said exactly the same thing to the other classes whom he taught.

    I also have good memories of Mr (Robert) Stellfox.  Physics teacher. He was quite young, and fairly shy.  We were cruel.  When he turned his back to the class to write on the blackboard we would start to sing the Susan Maughan hit song 'I want to be Bobby's Girl'  and quickly stop when he turned around  - always red faced.

    I went on to study Law at Birmingham University in the autumn of 1967 and I had a whale of a time.  I joined several societies, drew cartoons for the Uni newspaper 'Redbrick' and organised some interesting debates, including one between Enoch Powell and Dame Shirley Williams, and a Uni colleague/pal of mine was Perry Christie who returned to the Bahamas and became Prime Minister there.  Good stuff Perry.  For my part I became disenchanted with Law and eventually packed it in and started a business selling old coins and related antiques.  A childhood quirky passion which has served me reasonably well for the past 51 years!  And I am probably now at an age (nearly 72) where nobody would employ me!

    So all this is pure nostalgia.  I did spend a few months in 1986 living in San Diego, and I have travelled the world, but I have lived for the rest of the time in Cheshire, between Wilmslow and Macclesfield with my long suffering wife and three boys ( 2 of whom are home from Uni off-and-on due to the Covid restrictions).  I also have a daughter from a previous marriage.  She has a family in Wilmslow but is employed by a London company.

    Sad that MCGS is no more, but we all have our memories eh !?

    Manchester Chat / Duke's visits in the North West
    « Last post by celeste on 09:44:20, 10/04/21 »

    The duke has visited the region many times in his life.

    The duke was a regular visitor to Greater Manchester, not least as Salford University's chancellor.
    Manchester Chat / Re: GMP failed to record 80,000 crimes in a year
    « Last post by celeste on 21:05:29, 09/04/21 »
    That's unbelieveable, and they could be targeting others.
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