Author Topic: why do some major store websites think yr being maliciouse when looking  (Read 2196 times)


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Hi all u computor wizz's out there.. really hopin you can help an old person,well a fossil who knows v little of the ech world.
So.mate borrows comp...... more of a fossil than me!
looks on  a major store website re a certain rang.................pop up comes on.stops him from doing any nore n it says." program or site, (whateva cant remember exact words) thinks yr being malicious"

he got worried hed don sommot to my computor. no i dont think so
but why  please signpost or help any info may shed light


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Hi there ninja,

This sounds to me like the computer has become infected by some kind of a virus or malware or something to that effect, it's a very common things nowadays with such easy access to the internet for most people and the kind of things floating around the internet are in many cases extremely well hidden and quite nasty if they find their way onto one of the devices that you own, even more so if that device can communicate with other devices through the means of the internet etc...

You'll basically need to at a minimum attempt to cleanse the computer of any malicious software that may be running on it through the means of virus scanning software or possibly by taking it to a computer repair store and asking them to do it for you at a considerable expense to you.

I hope this helps and good luck with getting it sorted out :)


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If I dont access this site for some short period of time - Im guessing 10 or 15 minutes - Im logged out on my laptop.  That does not happen on my desktop computer.  I use Firefox on both.  Is there a setting that I need use?
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