Author Topic: loosing the use of your landline  (Read 1808 times)


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loosing the use of your landline
« on: 13:11:15, 14/03/16 »
Just read the back posts on hacking. Although your PC may be safe, scammers seem to get your phone number easily.
Having to fill in ,as compulsory in a form, seems to me to be a way in, so don,t do it if possible.
I get regular calls purporting to be from Microsoft/Windows.
Microsoft say ,report unsolicited calls to your provider and if money is involved, call the police.
There are some who will never answer the phone, due to this.
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Re: loosing the use of your landline
« Reply #1 on: 19:31:58, 14/03/16 »
Another reason to not answer the phone is PPI calls, and they keep changing their numbers
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