Author Topic: Gladys Valentine - Stanley Learmont - missing Father?  (Read 2150 times)

Amy Learmont

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Hi my name is Amy,
 i live in Australia, but my father and his family live in Manchester.
His Fathers name was Stanley Learmont born Stanley Valentine, born 1924- died 1972, it has always been a mystery who Stanley's Father was as his mother talked little about his father or her own family.
i am looking for anyone or any information about Gladys, what she was like, whether she told anyone who the father was, all i know is that Stanley was born in 1924 and given his mothers maiden name, the birth record states the father is unknown.
after some of my own research i know Gladys was Born in late 1903- to early 1904, she possibly had a brother called Alfred and two sisters, one called Florence and one called Elisabeth. She later married a man with the last name 'Learmont' and had a daughter in 1936 called Irene.
around the time she got pregnant with Stanley she was working in the Lyons Tea house in what we think is Albert Square Manchester, thought there are very few records.
If anyone has any information or names of people that used to know Gladys or Work in the Tea house or have any information about it, I would be very Grateful:)


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Re: Gladys Valentine - Stanley Learmont - missing Father?
« Reply #1 on: 21:58:20, 16/07/16 »
Done a bit of searching.  Gladys' older sister Elizabeth was born in 1900 and 8 months old at time of 1901 census (taken in March).

1901  Alfred James  Hannah James  and - their dau Elizabeth married to Joseph Valentine. at 20 Derwent street, Salford Manchester with 8 months old Elizabeth.

1911 Joseph Valentine and Elizabeth and Elizabeth aged 10, Gladys aged 7, Alfred aged 2,   at 21 Derwent Street Salford (across the street plus Hannah James marked as widow - mother in law to Joseph,

From Ancestry another tree I found Florence who was born in 1915 and died 1997 married a man called Athelstan Edwin Sheppard and  dau Patricia in 1942 then Florence married a man called John Dowd.   Someone else's tree so  cannot vouch for it.   Can't find the on the 1939 index.

Alfred married a girl called Clara and in 1939 was living in my home town Hazel Grove, Cheshire but no one living with them.

Gladys in 1939 was still a café waitress and with Alfred Learmount transcribed as Learmint but I left a correction.    Gladys married in 1932 with his surname spelled Learmount,  Alfred was a fitter's labourer in 1939 but listed as ARP/Ambulance at Barton Power Staton.   They had a person blanked out ie undisclosed who could have been their daughter    at 16 Jessamine Street Salford.

Gladys Valentine born 29 Oct 1903   Alfred Learmount 17 Oct 1908   
Alfred Valentine born 18 Dec 1908  had middle name of Egerton - his wife Clara b 5 Jan 1904

Could not find Stanley bon 1924 on the 1939 register he was not with parents - he'd be 15 - boy sailor or something perhaps as members of HM Forces not included on the 1939 Index.

Hope this helps a bit.


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Re: Gladys Valentine - Stanley Learmont - missing Father?
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Hi my name is Heather and I am the granddaughter of Gladys Learmont. Your father I presume is either Nicholas or Phillip? My cousin.

Jan H

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Re: Gladys Valentine - Stanley Learmont - missing Father?
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The person you are trying to get in touch with last signed in in 2016, so dont think she is on site any more. :(


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