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Garside Street Hospital
« on: 20:37:06, 01/11/16 »
Anyone ever been a patient in Garside Street Hospital in the late 1940s to 1950 ? ??? ???


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Re: Garside Street Hospital
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I can remember there being a milk dairy on Gartside St in the '50s. Allied Dairies. They also had one in Ardwick.


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Re: Garside Street Hospital
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If this was the hospital somewhere on the Salford side of Deansgate then yes, I spent some time in there.
 I know I went there in an ambulance for children decorated with Micky Mouse pictures.  I went because I had a serous case of croup. I was about 3 year old at the time and I was moved to Pendlebury hospital because of air raids on Manchester. My mum couldn't find my location for days after the move.

Simon Lowther

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Re: Garside Street Hospital
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 Iíve been looking for something about this hospital for a long time,as I was a patient here in the 80ís,I just wanted to go back to the hospital to see what itís like now but I donít think itís there anymore


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Re: Garside Street Hospital
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What used to be Pendlebury Children's Hospital is now a block of 12 luxury apartments. The building has kept it's historical appearance/structure and is now called Oaklands Lodge and is located on Hospital Road.

The hospital was the first in the UK to treat children only.

Back then as a young boy I was placed on the top floor ward, the girl in the bed next to me would sing songs all day long, the nurses were friendly and totally dedicated to their job. There was a ward matron and a night nurse would keep vigil continually through the night. Upon leaving it was customary for some of the able children to gather into a group and sing to a well known tune "Goodbye to Doctor Garret and jolly old matron too" - Dr Garret was intrumental to founding the Children's hospital hospital system in Manchester and was the founder of the well known convalescent home for children in Wales. I attended the Gartside Street clinic/hospital firstly before being referred to Pendlebury for surgery.

The Gartside Street hospital was closed in 1991.

I believe there is a book on the subject written by Pamela Barnes and can be still bought online.