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Travel back to the Victorian era to find out how Steam, Sweat and Spinners created our modern world and how Manchester was at the start of it all.

The Science Showdown show will face off the digital with the industrial in an exciting new show, asking ‘which tech revolution changed our lives the most?’. There’s also toymaking workshops, the chance to strike a pose for a Victorian selfie in the photo booth, and themed trading cards to take home.

Plus roll-up for our Victorian style fairground - book your tickets in advance on our website and get 6 rides for the price of 5.

The museum and Steam, Sweat, and Spinners events are free. The fairground is £2 per ride. Age restrictions apply for workshops and rides.

For more information see here:

Contact details:
The Museum of Science and Industry, Liverpool Road, Manchester, M3 4FP
[email protected]
0161 832 2244
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