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Please can anyone help me?
« on: 20:54:14, 11/06/19 »
Hello everyone.
I'm not sure what part of the group to ask this .
And I'm not sure if anyone can help. But I thought I'd ask just on the off chance. 
What I'm trying to find out is about my dad.  I know most of his life what he told us.and what he didn't. I found somethings  out a few year's ago. When I began to trace his family tree because I'm doing my family background. 

What I'm trying to find out is who is father was and where I can get a copy of his confirmation certificate.
I know it's down as my father's parents are Samuel Benjamin cooper and isbella.  But there is grandparents who brought him up due to his mum having him out of wedlock. So I understand.
As my dad was growing up he thought his mum was his sister. But found out that she was actually his mum.

My granmother  ( my dad's mum ) had 5 children in total.  2 was father's unknown / she hadn't named the father on the birth certificate.  1 was my dad the other was her 3rd son. ( she had 3 boy's and 2 girls ) the 2 boys who's father's name was mentioned  was when she had them at home.  My dad was born 1910.his brother was 1913 and there brother was 1915. My dad and his younger brother was born when there mum was living at home.  Her 2nd son she had after she left.  But when for some reason she went back home  she had her 3rd son 2 years after her 2nd son. 

It's all very confusing.

My grans mother  was Irish. My grans father was English.

Here's what I have so far on my dad. Before he met my mum and married her.
My dad was born 27th September 1910  in Bradford Manchester  ( not leeds )

His mother's  name is mary ann cooper. She was born 1890./1891 
Her parents are Samuel Benjamin cooper. And isbella cooper  isabella was born isabella povey.

They had a few son's and daughters.  2 of the son's died in WW1 in Belgium and France. 
My dad is on the family census as there son age 6 months.   He is there grandson.

My dad was baptised 10th of October 1910 at St Vincent de Paul church.  Which I think is ancoats.

My dad was married before he married my mum.  But for some reason his marriage to his 1st wife wasn't great.  So I have half siblings. 4 are still living.  4 sisters. Out of 5 . My half brother and sister have passed away  afew year's ago. I'm not sure when.

I have a half sister that's the same age as me but born 8 months  apart.

My dad married my mum 28th of January 1960
He passed away 27th of November 1976  I had just turned 18.

My dad's name is vincent cooper

He also told us all that there was a factory strike  and it was a match makers factory.  We thought he was joking.
But afew year's ago I found out that my dad was working in a match stick factory and brough them out on strike. Because of the working conditions.  I've tried looking for this but the only one I could find was a women's strike. For match stick factory.  That was the may and ???? I can't remember the other name  it was like swan vesta.
I think it was  tyan and may. I think maybe my dad worked for swan vesta match makers. I'm not 100 %.  He did mention them in his conversation with us .

Anyway if there's anything anyone can help me with I really would appreciate it.
I have been trying. But I'm stuck now.I don't know where to go now. Unless I've missed something out?

Thank you again for your help and time


Jan H

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Re: Please can anyone help me?
« Reply #1 on: 22:16:37, 11/06/19 »
The match company was Bryant and May.

Is this your dad in the 1939 register.
Vincent Cooper born 27th September 1910  general labourer.
wife Florence Cooper born 06 Oct 1917
16 Vera Street Manchester.
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Re: Please can anyone help me?
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Yes thats my dad.  Florence was his first wife. Her maiden name was wood's.
He married my mum patrica Jones in 1960. I was 3 year's old then.

Thank you