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Hulme history
« on: 09:31:12, 21/11/19 »
Did anyone live in Hulme at any point between the 1960s and the 1990s? I'm a student at Sheffield University researching tenants' perspectives of multi-storey council housing in post-war Sheffield and Manchester and I'm looking for people to interview about their experiences. So far it's been great speaking to people in Sheffield but I'm keen to find out more about Manchester too. If you'd like to take part or find out more information please send me a message here. Thank you!  :)


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Re: Hulme history
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After such a long time lapse, you may not want/need the information any more, but I thought I would give it a go.

I lived in Hulme from 1985 until 2004. I had 3 different addresses on Gretney Walk (the development known as Moss Side District Centre) and was living there when the City Challenge redevelopment was announced in 1989 (I think)

One of the guarantees to tenants of City Challenge was that tenants could have their choice of area to be decanted to, and they could either stay permanently in their 'decant' property or move back to a newly-built property when ready.

I stayed in Hulme for my decant, on the St Bees' estate behind the big brewery. I lived there from October 1992 - July 1994. I then moved back to a new property on Chichester Road (opposite the 'BBC estate')

I stayed in the Chichester Road house until January 2004. During that time Hulme changed out of all recognition as you can imagine.

If you want any further information you can ring me on 07778442660

Best wishes for your studies/work

Sue Allcock