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Jane Fulford

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Empress Brewery Pubs
« on: 01:28:08, 24/11/19 »
Hi I have replied to Stan who wondered re the pub he used to pass on Ashford New Road. I think the Bradford Arms. The green tiles being a give away as these were the classic tiles of the Empress Brewery.
I am keen to find any old photos of this and any other Empress outlets.
cheers J😀


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Re: Empress Brewery Pubs
« Reply #1 on: 19:53:23, 03/03/20 »
Hi Jane

Re your post on Empress Brewery pubs. There was an old Empress pub on Honey Street near Redbank called the Queens Arms. Went in a couple of times about 10 years ago but as far as I know it's now closed, although the building may still be standing. Have attached a link below to a photo of the pub. I understand that the left hand side of the property was the original pub and was then extended into another property on the right. You can see above the windows and doors in the photo the inscription "Queens Arms Empress Ales and Stouts". You may get a better photo if you have a hunt around the interweb or from the Manchester City Council Image Collection.

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