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Searching for the Lapidus family of Manchester who had owned (from at least the late 1800s) a Matzo company and then Fish & Chip shops. I know that at least one of the shops was still open in 1999.   They had originally been from Russia and had family in both Boston, Mass., USA and New York, especially Adolph (also spelt Adolf) Lapidus, born c1863 a tailor who was Russian and who was married to Sero (also known as Sarah) who was German. Adolph and Sarah arrived in the USA in 1888 from Krakau, Galacia[/size] and settled in New York, moving to Middlesex Street, Suffolk, Boston, Mass., USA. They had children Elizabeth, Luis, Eni and Eti, all born in Boston, USA.

Luis and Eti were brought to the UK (Manchester) in 1894 by their Mother to live with their Lapidus family, the Mother Sarah going back to the USA with another Daughter.

Adolf and Sarah were my Great Grandparents and their Daughter Eti, my Grandmother.

If anyone knows anything about any of this family, please contact me.

Thank you.


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Hi Daralyn

1901 Census Manchester Lapidus misspelt
Mendel Lapidoth   32 Mineral water maft.  b. Russia
Ethel  wife            26
Ada  mother         50
Morris Berovitch brother in law  16
Hyman brother  21

All b. Russia

1911 Census  Cheetham Hill Manchester

Mendel Lapidus 42  Mineral water mft.  b. Russia
Ethel  wife        36
Israel  son        9                                 b. Manchester
Joseph son       7                                         "
Sarah dtr         6                                         "
Jacob  son        4                                        "
Morris Bircovitch  26 brother in law        b. Russia
Jany Bravman   21  Cousin                          "

The Lapidus seem to be the only family in Manchester.

If you have a subscription to findmypast. on the 1939 Register Mendel and family are living at 371 Bury New Road.

altogether there are 25 Lapidus members in Manchester listed on the 1939 register

Hope this helps



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Hi Darralyn,

Have found the family who had the chip shop.

1911 Census  Prestwich Manchester

Hyman Lapidus 35 Chip Shop Dealer    b. Russia
Annie   wife     35                                     "
Nathan  son     10                                    "
Yetta dtr           8                                b. Manchester
Louis   son        6                                       "
Abraham    brother 29                          b. Russia       


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Hi Marj,

Thanks for posting this info, but I actually have all this.  What I'm trying to find is people who are still around
who can tell me how these people are related to my Great Grandfather Adolph (sometimes spelt Adolf) Lapidus.
As you have found "Lapidus" is sometimes spelt differently even though it's the same people.

The people you have found are definitely the same family but I can't find what links them to my Great Grandfather.
I'm assuming that the older men were his Brothers.

When my Grandmother's Mother brought her and her Brother to the UK and dumped them with the Lapidus
family it was these people but I don't know how they were related.  What I'm hoping is that Lapidus family who are
still around know the story of my Grandmother and her Brother, handed down from other family,  and can maybe
tell me why my Great Grandmother Sarah dumped them with them. I don't want to know why they didn't keep them
and put them in an orphanage, just why their Mother Sarah dumped them in the UK with them and left the country.
It's a very odd thing for a Mother to do, especially to bring them so far, from the USA to the UK and then leave. It must
have cost a lot of money for the fare.  It's also odd how Adolph went to the USA and the others to the UK and had
different professions.

It's probably something which I will never know the answer to. :-( 

Thanks again for posting. Sorry I already have the info.

With kind regards,



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Have you looked for the wills for Hyman & Mendel, maybe living relatives mentioned.


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Hi Daralyn,
I am Martin.
I was Sybil's partner before she died in Nov 2017 aged 82.
I am still looking after her computer.
Unfortunately I do not remember anything much about the Lapidus family although I did visit Manchester with her on several occasions.
I have heard Sybil mention the name.
She came out to Adelaide Australia in 1969 I think and still had strong memories of Manchester & surrounds & people.
If you go onto Ancestry or similar you might be able to track down the son as he would presumably have kept his surname.
Also Census records. And Good luck with your search.
Personally I did a DNA test and through that I have been able to find out several generations prior to my Mother.
Her father left home when she was 12 and so I had no idea about who my Great grand-parents were or where they lived or birth death info etc.
Someone with about a 1% match was able to show that we had the same GGG parents (I cannot remember off the top of my head) but also had a lot of history.
There were enough common people - I knew my great Aunts so that helped.
Obviously the subject was taboo about my grandfather on that side of the family.
So a happy outcome for me.
Best wishes and I would love to hear if you do succeed.
Regards, Martin
[email protected]


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Hi folks ,
tried to email 2 photos of Lapidus  shops,
fear they may not have arrived /failed to transmit


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A while ago you sent me pics of two Lapidus chip shops, Bury Old Road and Cheetham Hill, unfortunately I cannot find them. I've search my PC and external hard drives but cannot find them. Would it be possible for you to forward them to me again please?
My email address is:

[email protected]

Thank you. I would really appreciate it.

Stay safe.

Daralyn Rennick


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