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Did Anyone live in Pendleton during the late 60's and early 70 's? Does anyone remember the Nugent family who lived in Brentwood, Eccles old Road during the late 60's early 70' s. I was friends with Christine Nugent. She lived with her Mum, and her Aunt Nora lived in same St. She had a sister Angela who lived in the Salford flats and a sister Bridie who lived in Kearsley. We had great times then.


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Re: Pendleton
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Hi. I didn't live in Pendleton or know any of the people mentioned in your post. I do remember however, the old Cross Lane market in Pendleton back in the 1960's and early 70's. My uncle had a flower stall on the Saturday market and I used to work for him on the stall although I was fairly young. Some of the stall holders were real characters such as the "pot" man who used to wear one long diamante ladies earring and would, whilst making his sales pitch to the customers, load a full dinner service into his arms, throw it into the air and catch it on the way down. Inevitably there would be the odd crash when he misjudged the catch. Some great people on that market, both customers and stallholders.