Author Topic: City pollution levels 'dangerously high' despite lockdown  (Read 339 times)


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Pollution levels remain "dangerously high" in parts of Greater Manchester despite lockdown, a study has found.
Scientists at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) have been monitoring nitrogen oxide (NO2) levels during the pandemic.

Although the study involving 100 sensors showed an initial drop in emissions, parts of Manchester city centre are now increasing again.
NO2 can contribute to severe health problems and inflammation of the lungs.
Some of the biggest drops in the pollutant, often associated with vehicles, were found in the Manchester Piccadilly area, where a 38% average drop was reported.

Oxford Road saw a 43% decrease, but areas around the Mancunian Way, which saw an initial drop of 10% during lockdown is increasing again.
MMU said pollution levels "remain dangerously high" despite reduced traffic during the lockdown.
Dr Sanja Potgieter-Vermaak, senior lecturer in chemistry and environmental science, said: "What we have observed is that NO2 has not decreased to safe levels in all areas.
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Part of the plan to take away peopleís independence And tax more Iím afraid