Author Topic: Trying to find my dad  (Read 747 times)


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Trying to find my dad
« on: 17:57:08, 27/01/21 »
Have posted on here few year ago ..just keep trying even thou i have nowt to go on ..but hey worth trying again...well never saw me dad hes called mark thats all i got of me mother he had a sister call janet i think or could be juile ..she saw me in town with my mother and siblings which are to another man not mark i was most prob between age 6 to 7  ..she had an argument  with my mother that day whos name is mary dowling i remember it clearly and remember where we were at the time ..anyways my mother said mark didnt want to know me ..but someone told me thats completely untrue ..anyways she met him in 1977 when she had a break from her boyfriend jimmy...she met mark in a club i think..and they went to cloisters alot to and think his sister went there to i was born in march 1978 but she was back with jimmy by then so i grew up thinking he was my dad...i got told jimmy wasnt my dad in 2002 when i had my first child first i realy wasnt bothered but things changed from then..ive just never knew how to go about it to find him as ive not got told his surname ..ive looked and posted else where but got aload of stupid posts of people who think there ever so funny so dint go bk there or fb ..anyways at the time marys mum my lovely nan lived in either mosside or fallowfield so she stayed there aswell as jimmys flat ...anyways dont know what else to realy say but if mark or his sister are out there and do read this then would be good to know them im sure his sister will remember seeing me in town and having words with mary ..think she was arguing bout me 😉


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Re: Trying to find my dad
« Reply #1 on: 12:30:53, 28/01/21 »
Did you post originally under another name as I can't find the username Base on the Member's list?

There's a letters page in the M.E.N. on a Saturday in which people try to trace family members and friends which may help,  is Dowling
your father's name or Jimmy's name?
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