Author Topic: Covid19 - Local elections to go ahead in England  (Read 166 times)


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May's local and mayoral elections in England are going ahead - but voters will be asked to bring their own pens to help combat coronavirus.
The government is giving councils an extra 31m for plastic screens in polling stations and hand sanitiser in an effort to make the polls Covid-safe.
And people who are shielding will be encouraged to vote by post.

But an all-postal ballot has been ruled out, despite local fears the elections will be too difficult to organise.
The Cabinet Office has said the government plans to vaccinate all of the first nine priority groups - including the over 50s - by May, giving it confidence to press ahead with the elections.

Police and crime commissioner (PCC) elections will also go ahead on 6 May in both England and Wales. Welsh local council elections are scheduled to take place next year.
Scottish Parliament and Welsh Senedd elections are also scheduled to take place this May - with the devolved governments responsible for running them.
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