Author Topic: MP calls on Rochdale Council for action over vulnerable children care  (Read 174 times)


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An MP called on a council to "work night and day" after a care home for vulnerable children was banned from taking on more youngsters.
The Rochdale Council-run premises, described a "doss house" by a user during an Ofsted inspection in January, was given a restriction notice.
The unnamed site was inspected after vulnerable youngsters went missing and found concerns over safety.

Heywood and Middleton MP Chris Clarkson said "immediate action" was needed.
Rochdale Council said it was "working hard to make the rapid improvements" at the premises which cannot be named for safeguarding reasons.
The inspection found:
A youngster, known to be at risk of child sexual exploitation, had shown staff "significant amounts of money" gained while away from the home
Two children asked to be collected after being missing for five days, but were not picked up as transport was not available and they remained missing until the following day
A youngster was seen leaving the home at 11am on the day of the visit, having refused to take part in education
She had previously been missing for six days and only returned the day before the inspection
Managers had failed to notify Ofsted of the incident

The home provides care for up to six children with emotional or behavioural difficulties but has been barred from taking on any more youngsters until it proves it can keep them safe, according to the Local Democracy Reporting Service.
Rated "good" in March 2020, it was issued with a restriction notice following an Ofsted visit in January after police involvement.
In a damning report, the watchdog said: "One child has only spent two nights in the home during January 2021."
When a child goes missing, staff are expected to search for them locally however, it was found this was not happening "routinely".
Mr Clarkson has written to Education Secretary Gavin Williamson, asking him to raise the findings directly with Rochdale Council as "a matter of urgency".
The home's bosses accepted that standards during the Ofsted visit were "unacceptable and we have taken swift action to remedy this".
Ofsted inspectors will return to the home to assess the home again at a later date.
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