Author Topic: Manchester denied £500 Covid support payments  (Read 129 times)


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Manchester denied £500 Covid support payments
« on: 17:43:33, 06/04/21 »
read:£500-covid-support-paymentsA report to Oldham council states that the eligibility criteria is ‘quite strict’, which means that ‘high numbers of applicants are not successful’.
A further 8,264 applications for discretionary support payments were also refused across Greater Manchester, with just 13pc of people successfully accessing support.
The discretionary support payments are awarded by local authorities to people who met most of the criteria for the £500 support payments but are not in receipt of benefits.
To be eligible, residents had to be on low incomes and suffer ‘financial hardship’ as a result of self-isolating, and must have been told to isolate by NHS Test and Trace or through the app

Low income is classed as earning £17,000 a year or less for an individual, or £26,000 for a couple, with an earnings disregard of £3,567 per child.
Bolton council turned down the most number of applicants for the standard scheme, with 1,953 people proving unsuccessful in accessing payments.
Just 28pc of applicants in the borough were successful in getting the £500 support.
Rochdale council turned down 1,868 applications, while the authority that paid out the most frequently – Tameside – rejected just 176 applications.
Manchester council rejected the most number of bids for the discretionary support payments, 2,221, followed by Rochdale council.

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