Author Topic: Experts warn of identical pills which contain different chemical substances.  (Read 140 times)


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Drug testing charity The Loop is warning UK clubbers of identical-looking pills which contain different chemical substances.

It found four sets of pills in circulation at a Manchester event that looked like the same batch, but all were made with different drugs.

Users might buy more pills after an "OK experience" it warns, but end up with something totally different.

An MDMA shortage may be driving a massive shift in the UK drug market.

MDMA is a class A drug in the UK and possession can result in a jail sentence[/size] or unlimited fine.

Professor Fiona Measham, chair of criminology at Liverpool University and the director of The Loop, tells Newsbeat it: "tested some pharaoh pills, almost identical in pressing, but the four different colours were four different contents."

"Only one contained what people probably wanted, MDMA"
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