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Burnham 'I don't slag London off'
« on: 17:36:11, 28/09/21 »

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham has denied "slagging off" London when calling for better treatment for his own region from the government.

The Labour politician has frequently demanded increased central funding for northern England, arguing that the capital gets better treatment.

But he told his party's conference: "It's not about pulling London down but saying, 'What about us?'"

Mr Burnham also called for more spending on transport in his region.

His comments came after Labour's London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, told a fringe meeting at the conference in Brighton: "One of the things we have got to do is remind our friends from the North, in our own party, why London-bashing, talking London down, is not a sensible way to have a national recovery.

"The message to those in our party who think it plays well slagging off London is you will not get a national recovery without a London recovery."
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