Author Topic: Bev Craig elected leader of Manchester City Council  (Read 107 times)


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Bev Craig has been elected as the new leader of Manchester City Council, becoming the local authority's first female chief.

She will take over from Sir Richard Leese, who is standing down after 25 years, in December.
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Re: Bev Craig elected leader of Manchester City Council
« Reply #1 on: 18:01:14, 06/10/21 »
Ms Craig said she wanted "to reach a point where me being a woman and being gay is entirely uninteresting and unremarkable".

Box ticker,
  Maybe if her 'party' wasn't so entrenched in identity politics no-one would give a toss about who she sleeps with, but I noticed that the good old BBC and other msm outlets feel the need to mention it.
  Having said that, on seeing her, I'd never have guessed.   ::)


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