Author Topic: Repair cafes plan to tackle 'throwaway society'  (Read 66 times)


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Stretford and Chorlton

Two million tonnes of electrical equipment is thrown away each year in the UK, with much of it ending up in landfill sites. Now, a growing army of repairers is fighting back against our "throwaway society".

If you've got a broken toaster, a clapped-out kettle, or a laptop on its last legs, it can be tempting to just chuck it away and buy a new one.

This is where the team at Stretford Repair Café in Greater Manchester is offering to step in.

For the price of a brew, they will try to mend your faulty electrical equipment in just 15 minutes.

Their mantra is very simple: "Fix it before you throw it away."

The group running the café, Stitched Up, also teaches sewing workshops across Manchester.

Co-director Bryony Moore said the idea of a repair café was "just common sense".

"We're living in such a throwaway society - and that does bother a lot of us," she said.

"It's pretty easy with something like a phone but when it comes to a toaster or radio, there's nowhere really to get it fixed so you just buy a new one.

"The repair café is a good way of pushing back on that and saying: 'Actually, I don't want a new thing. I just want my device to keep working.'"

Stitched Up opened Manchester's first repair shop in Chorlton in 2016.

Though it closed down during the Covid pandemic, Stitched Up hopes to make up for lost time with its new venture in Stretford.

It opens its doors on the second Saturday of each month.
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