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Police in Cheshire will start using facial recognition technology in a bid to help identify offenders.

The technology will be used retrospectively to compare images such as CCTV against pictures held on the police national database.

It will also be used to confirm a person's identity if officers believe false information has been given, or identification cannot be provided.

Assistant Chief Constable Matt Welsted said it will help modernise the force.

He said the technology was "the latest capability that is provided to officers to improve our response in achieving justice more efficiently".

"Facial recognition will not replace traditional means in identifying those who have committed a crime but adds to our arsenal and modernising the capability of our frontline," he added.

The force has confirmed that while retrospective facial recognition and operator-initiated facial recognition will be used, there were no plans to use live facial recognition in Cheshire.

In a trial, some officers in the roads and crime unit have been given access to an app, which will eventually be rolled out to other areas of the force.

The smart tool can also be used if a person is unable to provide their details because they are unconscious, seriously injured or are incapable due to drink or drugs.

Anyone who does not have an image on the police database cannot be identified through the technology, Cheshire Police said.
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