Author Topic: How a 'priceless' Pet Shop Boys letter ended up in an Altrincham record shop.  (Read 125 times)


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A letter written by Pet Shop Boys star Neil Tennant, thanking Radio 1's Janice Long for playing the band's debut single in 1984, has been discovered in a record shop in Altrincham.

The note was tucked into the sleeve of a 12-inch copy of West End Girls that shop owner Trevor Morris bought in a job lot of vinyl at an auction.

"They mustn't have checked it to see what was inside," he tells the BBC.

"My guess is they thought it was a bog-standard Pet Shop Boys record."

When he contacted the auction house to ask whether they had sold the memorabilia in error, they insisted he keep it.

"They were just like, 'What a great find for you!" he laughs.
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