Author Topic: Gender pay bot keeps pressure on companies' 'pay-gap'.  (Read 164 times)


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The co-founder of a Twitter bot that highlights companies' gender pay gap said it works "as a catalyst to keep pressure on companies to act".

The Gender Pay Gap Bot automatically replies to companies that tweet in support for [size=inherit]International Women's Day[/size] with their gender pay gap data.

Businesses often proclaim support for their female workforce on the platform.

Francesca Lawson said the bot helps people not "take these sorts of messages of empowerment at face value".

Ms Lawson and Ali Fensome, both 28 and from Manchester, created the bot in 2021.

They were inspired by other automated Twitter accounts and wanted to force "a bit more accountability" around International Women's Day.

Their system pulls statistics from the official website, through which UK companies with more than 250 employees are required to publish their payroll data, and takes a comparison of men's and women's a
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Re: Gender pay bot keeps pressure on companies' 'pay-gap'.
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Ah yes, another hoary old myth perpetuated by the eternal adolescents of the Left! Everybody gets paid the same wage for similar lines of work, regardless of their sex. Men tend to earn more on average because they are more career minded than their female counterparts. Despite decades of propaganda, the majority of women would dearly love to stay at home as much as possible to enjoy bringing up their children. To be honest, so would I, if only I had the option available to me…….