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Junior doctors three day strike.
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Today, thousands of junior doctors in England will start a 72-hour strike. They want a 35% pay rise. Yet doctors are among the highest paid in the public sector. So why do they have the biggest pay claim.

The origins of the walkout by British Medical Association members - the biggest by doctors in the history of the NHS - can be found in a series of discussions on social media platform Reddit in late 2021.

A collection of junior doctors were expressing their dissatisfaction about pay.

The numbers chatting online grew quickly and by January 2022 it had led to the formation of the campaign group Doctors Vote,with the aim of restoring pay to the pre-austerity days of 2008.

The group began spreading its message via social media - and, within months, its supporters had won 26 of the 69 voting seats on the BMA ruling council, and 38 of the 68 on its junior doctor committee.
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