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Jane Thorpe
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Hi guys. I'm trying to trace my half cousin. Her name is Jane Thorpe, it's possible she did marry and this is her maiden name. Jane lived a few doors away from me on Ripon Street Sheffield up until the late 70's. Her parents were Brian and Dorothy and she was an only child. Her parents were divorced so she lived with her Mum. She went to Woodbourn Road School and when our houses were demolished she moved to Sky Edge with her Mother who went on[/font][/size] [/font][/size]to re marry and have a Son called Phillip who I have tried to contact but no luck, his Surname is Thackery. Jane I believe possibly moved to Manchester and did have Children. Can you help? We lost touch after she moved I'm sorry to say. I have to find [/font][/size]her. Please help if you can