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Re: Welcome to Manchester Forum - Please read.
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Hi Swiss Gill. I too went to Loreburn College on Fountain St in 1954.  Did the obligatory shorthand and typing which I didn’t really enjoy but those days young girls were expected to be secretaries and get a ‘good job’!
I passed the Local Government Entrance Exam and started work at Manchester Town Hall.  Met my husband there and we married in 1961.  My name before marriage was Claire Fitzsimmons now Ribbon. 60 years of happy marriage and dear husband died two years ago.  Perhaps we sat near to each other at the college, who knows😊
I still visit Manchester whenever I possibly can although I now live in North Yorkshire. I love Manchester and bore friends when I speak about all the ‘firsts’ that Manchester achieved.   A wonderful City, the very best!
We spent our honeymoon in Lucerne and have visited many times.  What a beautiful place to live. Regards Claire