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Re: Trolley buses
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I'm continuing the M/Cr Central Grammar School discussion in a new thread (,



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Re: Trolley buses
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My memory was the crackling and sparks that shot off the wires when the bus turned a corner. I also recall that the top deck had a walkway on the right hand side and a row of bench seats for four or five people on the left. Must have been chaos trying to get off in rush hour.

Bob Hughes

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Re: Trolley buses
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A man I used to work with on the railway previously worked as a trolley bus conductor. He frequently recounted a tale of when his bus was awaiting departure from Piccadilly Gardens...

A lady asked him if his bus was going before the one in front of it. He stepped down off the bus and looked at the wires, then at the trolley poles on his bus and those on the bus in front, then shook his head and got back on the bus.  ;D


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