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Frank Wharram

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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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Reading through other posts I realise that my memory is not what it was (I am 82!) It was Mr Eckersley who formed the scout troop with Rosser, not Underwood. Fud Lever did teach History, not R.E. no wonder I wasn't much good at it! Piggy Stewart took me for German I think. He had this habit of bending you over a desk and taking a run with a large sized plimsoll to the backside.  Mr. Rourke (Singing) used to teach with his back to the class but could see your reflection in his glasses. His aim over his shoulder with a board rubber was unerring! He actually put me in to the Cathedral Boys Choir but after only two weeks my voice broke and I was chucked out. I lived in Withington and used to take the 44 tram along Princess Road. We had great fun 'decking on' and 'decking off'. I remember a woodwork teacher, can't think of his name but he was sadistic and would rap your knuckles with a lump of wood if you messed up a cross halving joint. C.W. Airne (MA Cantab) was a lovely man and taught us English I think. He wrote a series of books with lots of trivia facts which were sold by Woolworths. Was it Bowcott who taught Physics? Fred Chaney was head when I left. We were taught RE by a retired CofE Missionaary called Mr Chevasseu (spelling?) We used to divert him from RE by getting him to tell us tales of Africa.

David Arnold

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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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Hello All ---  what a good site.  It is very interesting that this thread contains two old class mates.  Alan Milewczyk (Soulman49) who I used to chum around with, and Trevor Jones, and all at extreme ends of the world.  I was at MCGS from 1960 to 1966 with the last two years in Form 6X.  I left without taking my A-levels but ended up at university two years later, studying Electrical Engineering.
One of the most interesting phenomena I noted in 6X was the fact that out of 31 students only 6 did the three core sciences Maths, Physics and Chemistry.  A-level Maths was a popular choice for the class for about 2 weeks and then there was an exodus leaving the 6.

I have lived in Western Canada since 1982 so was amazed to discover the school was demolished.  However, I always thought that it was not a good example of 60's architecture.  I only get to see Manchester infrequently and then usually only the airport. I can comment that the quality of education we all received at MCGS far exceeds the education here and probably this could be true universally.  Perhaps this is reflected that many of the engineers hired by my company in latter years were from, China, India, and Eastern Europe.

Physics with Dobbins was always interesting, Organic Chemistry was terrible with the only relief being when Smith had a phosphorus incident and it appeared as if the teachers bench would catch fire.
We used to "silver" the old copper pennies with nitric acid and mercury and carry them around for days.  Under today's health thinking we all must be about to die or have serious brain defects from mercury poisoning.  Now students in Canada of the age that we were, are not allowed anywhere near the chemicals that were available readily in our chem. labs.  Of course we can all blame that on the current legal system.


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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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I have jused discovered this forum after obtaining an old 1862 map of Manchester and trying to find Whitworth st and the old school.
Now find that only went to Whitworth st in 1900 .
I attended MCGS from 1947 to 1952.
Having read the numerous posts I must be one of the older pupils.
I well remember msr de la Perrell being appointed ,others were Mr Bowcott ,Rosser.Acton , Herr Stang the German teacher.
I joined a shipping company on Mosley st j.t.Fletchers as a dock runner in 1952
Taking documents to the wharf office etc.Manchester docks were thriving at that time .many years later Ireturned to the site and found luxury appartments .
In 1970 I emigrated to New  Zealand with a young family but visited Manchester on regular occasions .
Are there any old boys from my period still out there?

Alan J

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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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Charles Lee

Hello Charles.  I write to your pages as you are the closest in age to me but were one year 'ahead'.  When I was teaching in Cheadle I had the good fortune to meet up with Geoff Barlow, who taught me French, and, after retiring, was filling in on supply for an absent colleague.

Geoff photocopied for me a copy of the School Roll for 1960-61 and I note that you were in the Lower Sixth when I was in Form 5B.  I recall Anthony Maycock and Clive Cochrane both Newall Green boys.  I sat next to Clive's sister, Cynthia, at Primary School and was very fond of her - at 10!

One of my friends in my year was David Griffin, later to be D.L.T., who was trying to build a guitar with the help of Harry Caldbeck.  However, when he tried to fit some strings the neck bent like a banana since he did not fit a steel reinforcing rod.  At the same time I took a speaker cabinet down to Harry's workshop being disappointed with the vibrations from it when I played my bass guitar through it. [size=78%]Harry worked with me to fit some extra wood struts inside which did the trick.  [/size]
[size=78%]Next day Dave announced that he was [/size]abandoning the guitar, buying some cabinets like mine and two record decks then becoming what he called a disc Jockey!

I went to visit the school just at became a Comp and was received warmly.  Johnny Hopley had become Deputy Head and told me that one of my classmates had married his daughter.  Bob Acton looked shell-shocked at how the School had gone down.  I was encouraged to drive to Lower School where Harry was in charge and I met a very different man from of old: he was laughing and joking with his class and all were having a wonderful time.  He did recognise me and said the D.L.T. often came to visit and they shared big hugs in from of the class; the boys knowing who Dave was.

Some of our class were not much good at fancy woodwork and Harry insisted that we came back after school to finish off our tables.  Trouble was that we were no good at History either and we were put in Detention for poor homework.  We were rather worried about letting Harry down and skipped Detention.  Next day Charlie Bowcott sent for us and gave us 6 of the best with his cane.  Naturally, next P.E. lesson we had to show off our weals in form of the class.

I hope that this message was interesting and, if so, I shall write again

Alan D. Jackson

Roger Gosden

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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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I am not an old boy of the school but I am eager for information as the official biographer of an old boy of Manchester Central Boy's High School, Robert G. Edwards, who won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 2010. He died in 2013. I am an Anglo-American retired professor now based in Virginia on my second career as a writer. I would be grateful for any information about the old school during the 1930s when Edwards was a pupil (he was born in 1925) - details about the old school building, the early war years, names and characters of teachers of the time. In fact anything that helps to fill a picture of what it was like for Edwards at school in those days. Currently my knowledge is a blank page and I would be grateful for any information or reference to library/ school archives or biographies. Thanks. Roger


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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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I was a pupil there from 1967 to 1970
I was brought up in rural Warwickshire and went to King Edward VI Grammar School for Boys, in Stratford -upon-Avon, but in 1967 my Dad got a new job in Manchester, and we lived in Beswick. The move was organised to be after I'd taken my O levels, so I started at Central in the 6th form.
KES was a traditional, civilised small town grammar school, so mixing with street wise, city-bred kids was a bit of a culture shock, but I soon adapted

I remember some of the teachers

De la Perelle, the Headmaster
Boris Eckersly - history I hink. He never taught me, but he was in charge of the school scout troop, and he introduced me to the Manchester Rambling Club
Vincent Pedley - biology. A somewhat odd character I thought. He was quite academic and should really have been esconced in an ivory tower somewhere. He left and was replaced by
Buzz Hartley from ? Bacup, ? Rawtenstall
Geoff Mills - chemistry. The Little Man from Bolton. Later we had
Mr Grimshaw, I think
Albert Winterbottom - French
Mr Podmore. I think his subject was history, but he took us for General Discussion - Philosophy, current affairs, religion etc. I remember he was the last teacher I knew who wore an academic gown
Josh Horrocks & Mr Sinclair for Geography
A genuine Frenchman, Mr Desprez, was another French teacher. He was only a few years older than us in the 6th form, and as he didn't know anyone in M/cr he joined in with us for trips to pubs, concerts etc. I got to know him more through our hobby of making model planes, and we are still in touch

As I understand it, the main function of Whitworth St was to provide a school for children who either couldn't get a place in their local school, or found it easier to travel into the city centre than to a local school, and similar odd bods
For this reason the school day started later and finished earlier than usual - 9-30am to 3-45pm I think, and this lingered on at Pink Bank Lane

In my year were lads who had been the last to go to Whitworth St. Thus some of them travelled in from the suburbs of Stockport, Gately, north M/cr,and so on. This meant that some of them were quite posh & middle class.

The 6th formers were given a fair bit of freedom in their free time & leisure activities. We organised some concerts for school members, families & the general public. These included, as I remember, some Indian musicians; a French guitarist; and the prog rock band Principal Edwards Magic Theatre

The change to comprehensive started, I think, with the new academic year in Sept 1968, though I'm willing to be corrected
By the time I left in 1970 the change was complete, and the intake was from the local area - Gorton, Longsight, and so on. I had a definite impression that standards were deteriorating

A bit further down Pink Bank Lane was a pub, The Garret. We went there while still at school, and for about 12 months afterwards till we started to go our separate ways

I visited the area last summer. The place has been demolished and replaced by a sports centre, and the Garret is now a mosque


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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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Just remembered. The geography teacher wasn't Josh Horrocks; he was JOSS Horrocks


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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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This is my first post on the Forum. By the time I passed the 11 Plus I was just in time to spend the First Year at Whitworth Street. Our Form Master was Mr. Eckersley, who was a lovely man who actually liked kids (unlike some others I could name). We had Mr. Rourke for Music, which I seem to remember was in the basement. If he heard somebody singing flat or messing around he would fling an old gym shoe over his shoulder at the miscreant. In retrospect, I suspect that he could identify the culprit because the front of the upright piano was highly polished like a mirror. I also remember that Mr. Rourke took a coachload of us to York one time.


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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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I'm guessing that you spent your time after the move to PBL in
the prefab. and that you also did metal-work. Am I right?


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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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I wanted to attach the School Roll: 62-63 (scanned + converted to html)
but only image formats are permitted so I'll include it here as text and
you'll need to copy+save and then filetype to .htm - ok?

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Mcr Central Grammar School Roll 1962-3</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY><UL><H2 ALIGN=CENTER>Manchester Central Grammar<BR>School Roll 1962-3</H2>
<DD>L.P. De la Perrelle, MA., Ph.D.</DL>
<DT>Second Master:
<DD>A.W. Smith, B.Sc.</DL>
<DD>R.A. Acton
<DD>F. Atkins, B.Sc.
<DD>G. Barlow, B.A.
<DD>L.T. Basketter
<DD>D.M. Bayman
<DD>W.N. Bland, B.A.
<DD>A. Bohanna, B.Sc.
<DD>C.A. Browning, B.A.
<DD>H. Caldbeck
<DD>G, Davies, B.A. (Mus.), A.R.M.C.M.
<DD>A.G. Dobbins, B.Sc.
<DD>N.A. Eckersley, B.A.
<DD>G.E. Garner, A.T.D.
<DD>A. Gibson, B.Sc.
<DD>C.T. Hale, B.A.
<DD>H.C. Harwood, B.A.
<DD>J.A. Hollick, M.A.
<DD>J.L. Hopley, B.Sc.
<DD>N.K. Horrocks, B-Sc.
<DD>J.F. Judson, M.A.
<DD>G.R. Knight
<DD>W. Lawes, B.A.
<DD>J. Lee, BA.
<DD>D. McKinley, A.T.D.
<DD>C.E. Millington
<DD>A.G. Panter, M.A.
<DD>J. Peacock
<DD>S. Pedler
<DD>W. Podmore, M.A.
<DD>A.J. Pope, B.A., Dip. Theol.
<DD>A. Potter
<DD>P.A. Powell
<DD>L.G. Rogerson, B.Sc.
<DD>R. Ryder, B.A. (Comm.)
<DD>J.M. Salmons, B.A.
<DD>B.W. Simpson, B.A.
<DD>M.L.T. Sinclair, B.Sc.
<DD>F.W. Soulby, B.A.
<DD>B. Speakman, B.Sc.
<DD>H. Starkey
<DD>A.R. Stelfox, M.Sc.
<DD>J.C.P. Stones, B.A.
<DD>J.E. Suteliffe, Ph.D.
<DD>T.E.H. Thomas, B.A.
<DD>B. Threadgold, LL.B.
<DD>S. Watkinson, B.Sc.
<DD>J.H.E. Wilkinson, B.A.
<DD>I.C. Williams, B.Sc.
<DD>A. Winterbottom, B.A.</DL>
<DT>Foreign Assistant:
<DD>Y.J. Peron</DL>
<DD>Miss N.E. Rigby</DL>
<DT>Registrar's Assistants:
<DD>Miss D.J. Hunt
<DD>A.W. Sharp</DL>
<DT>Laboratory Assistants:
<DD>E. Psaila
<DD>M.B. Sanusi</DL>
Autumn Term begins - Monday, 10th September, 1962<BR><BR>
<TR ALIGN=LEFT><TH>Schools Close:<TH>Schools Re-open:
19th October<TD VALIGN=BOTTOM>25th October<BR>
19th December<TD VALIGN=BOTTOM>7th January, 1963<BR>
22nd February<TD VALIGN=BOTTOM>27th February<BR>
10th April<TD VALIGN=BOTTOM>29th April<BR>
31st May<TD VALIGN=BOTTOM>10th June<BR>
26th July<TD VALIGN=BOTTOM>9th September</TABLE></CENTER>
<DT>School Captain:
<DD>Boardman, R.</DL>
<DD>Brown, F.W.</DL>
<DD>Bailey, A.
<DD>Birch, G.
<DD>Brown, M.W.
<DD>Butler, A.
<DD>Caruana, A.
<DD>Cassidy, L.J.
<DD>Coxon, J.B.
<DD>Duntom, D.A.
<DD>Fealey, T.
<DD>Galloway, B.R.
<DD>Gardner, I.J.
<DD>Gooch, D.G.
<DD>Gregson, E.
<DD>Hawkins, K.
<DD>Hewitt, D.
<DD>Holborn, G.A.
<DD>Jackson, A.D.
<DD>Johnston, J.
<DD>Jones, D.
<DD>Langford, D.
<DD>Lee, P.A.
<DD>Maclure, P.
<DD>Maycock, A.
<DD>McEwen, C.R.
<DD>Morris, D.A.
<DD>Roberts, A.E.
<DD>Rylatt, P.E.
<DD>Schwalbe, M.M.
<DD>Seddon, J.
<DD>Silver, S.
<DD>Stansfield, E.V.
<DD>Worrall, P.R.
<DD>Wotherspoon, T.E.</DL>
Mr. Hopley
<DD>Al-Shawaf, S.
<DD>Armstrong, D.J.
<DD>Bedford, D.G.
<DD>Brown, F.W.
<DD>Bullen, K.A.
<DD>Caruana, A.
<DD>Cassidy, L.J.
<DD>Coxon, J.B.
<DD>Dexter, T.M.
<DD>Dunton, D.A.
<DD>Elson, C.N.
<DD>Fealey, T.
<DD>Gardner, I.J.
<DD>Gooch, D.G.
<DD>Hawkins, K.
<DD>Heron, G.K.
<DD>Hewart, B.L.
<DD>Hewitt, D.
<DD>Jackson, A.D.
<DD>Johnston, J.
<DD>Langford, D.
<DD>Leeson, R.
<DD>Morris, D.A.
<DD>Pool, C.
<DD>Roberts, A.E.
<DD>Rylatt, P.E.
<DD>Schwalbe, M.M.
<DD>Silver, S.
<DD>Toft, P.
<DD>Williams, D.R.
<DD><P>Total: 32</DL>
Mr. Hollick
<DD>Abbot, F.
<DD>Bailey, G.A.
<DD>Birch, G.
<DD>Boardman, R.
<DD>Brown, M.W.
<DD>Brown, R.R.
<DD>Fosbrook, P.W.
<DD>Gregson, E.
<DD>Holborn, G.A.
<DD>Jones, D.M.
<DD>Lee, P.A.
<DD>Leggatt, J.D.
<DD>Maclure, F.
<DD>Maycock, A.D.
<DD>McEwen, C.R.
<DD>Potts, K.G.
<DD>Whysker, D.J.
<DD>Worrall, P.R.
<DD>Wotherspoom T.E.
<DD><P>Total: 19</DL>
Mr. Gibson
<DD>Ager, E.
<DD>Brough, R.S.
<DD>Butterworth, B.
<DD>Galloway, B.R.
<DD>Kinsella, P.
<DD>Pike, N.A.J.
<DD>Pye, J.
<DD>Stansfield, E.V.
<DD>Whitham, P.M.
<DD><P>Total: 12</DL>
Mr. Winterbottom
<DD>Abraham, K.R.
<DD>Astbury, W.
<DD>Broadhurst, R.
<DD>Carey, I.C.
<DD>Chadwick, W.S.
<DD>Dyer, I.M.
<DD>Ellis, J.H.
<DD>Ferguson, B.H.
<DD>Fletcher, J.M.
<DD>Freeman, J.E.
<DD>Goodwin, A.
<DD>Knibbs, G.A.
<DD>Knott, S.
<DD>Lees, S.E.R.
<DD>McHenry, I.G.
<DD>Morris, D.
<DD>O'Hara, J.H.
<DD>Rimmer, D.
<DD>Shaw, A.
<DD>Smith, D.B.
<DD>Smith, M.J.
<DD>Tenant, D.S.
<DD>Trickett, D.H.
<DD>Turner, J.A.
<DD>Wilson, I.
<DD>Young, M.
<DD><P>Total: 27</DL>
Mr. Dobbins
<DD>Abrahams, D.J.
<DD>Beswick, R.J.
<DD>Brandes, J.
<DD>Chappelow, B.E.
<DD>Franks, B.E.
<DD>Gates, I.D.
<DD>Goldberg, P.A.
<DD>Goodwin, D.J.
<DD>Hargreaves, P.
<DD>Hewitt, M.S.
<DD>Irwin, H.W.
<DD>Lindley, J.
<DD>Lowry, P.M.
<DD>Maddocks, M.J.
<DD>Milloy, B.J.
<DD>Nixon, J.E.
<DD>Oakes, B.W.
<DD>Rees, K.
<DD>Reid, V.D.
<DD>Robson, B.S.
<DD>Semp, S.D.
<DD>Smith, L.N.
<DD><P>Total: 22</DL>
Mr. Thomas
<DD>Allen, L.D.
<DD>Cohen, J.M.
<DD>Crossland, I.G.
<DD>Gates, R.S.
<DD>King, N.K.
<DD>Spencer, J.S.
<DD>Street, G.
<DD>Wilkinson, D.H.
<DD><P>Total: 8</DL>
Mr. Thomas
<DD>Brandreth, J.E.
<DD>Burgess, A.G.
<DD>Cullen, W.
<DD>Davies, R.A.
<DD>Dooley, G.C.
<DD>Ebrey, M.J.
<DD>Gilbert, J.J.
<DD>Greenberg, R.I.
<DD>Holden, S.R.
<DD>Lamont, B.
<DD>Legerton, D.C.
<DD>Lescure, K.L.
<DD>Levine, N.
<DD>Litchfield, D.
<DD>Matthews, A.
<DD>McEwen, M.
<DD>Palmer, J.T.
<DD>Pearce, T.A.
<DD>Smith, J.D.
<DD>Sternbach, N. A
<DD>Talbot, M.J.
<DD>Walker, F.B.
<DD>Wilson, D.C.
<DD>Wilson, W.J.
<DD>Woodland, R.B.
<DD><P>Total: 27</DL>
Mr. Williams
<DD>Astley, P.
<DD>Bolton, D.J.
<DD>Burney, D.M.
<DD>Carruthers, I.W.
<DD>Chalder, C.R.
<DD>Cooke, J.
<DD>Cooney, W.B.
<DD>Davidson, T.
<DD>Gilmore, I.
<DD>Greenhalgh, P.
<DD>Hart, D.
<DD>Hine, P.K.
<DD>Hodson, P.
<DD>Howat, A.
<DD>Marks, D.A.M.
<DD>Mitchell, C.
<DD>Murphy, M.J.
<DD>Renshaw, M.J.M.
<DD>Robinson, B.
<DD>Sellers, D.
<DD>Sharpe, R.
<DD>Smith, G.
<DD>Smith, W.W.
<DD>Venet, M.
<DD>Wardle, P.E.
<DD>Willsher, M
<DD><P>Total: 27</DL>
Mr. Basketter
<DD>Ashton, J.E.
<DD>Askey, J.
<DD>Barrell, W.
<DD>Bell, D.M.
<DD>Charlesworth, I.R.
<DD>Clannachan, N.
<DD>Dibb, P.
<DD>Fox, M.A.
<DD>Gill, G.M.
<DD>Hallows, D.J.
<DD>Harries, G.C.
<DD>Haythorn, D.C.
<DD>Heaton, D.W.
<DD>Hewitt, D.J.
<DD>Hewitt, N.A.
<DD>Hickman, A.H.
<DD>Higginbottom, S.
<DD>Kenworthy, A.N.
<DD>Laming, D.R.
<DD>Laughton, M, K.
<DD>Lawrence, S.R.
<DD>Lloyd, B.F.
<DD>Lomas, P.
<DD>Merrick, S.H.
<DD>Orton, J.B.
<DD>Potter, I.D.
<DD>Shirt, M.F.
<DD>Tunaley, F.
<DD>Turnock, R.J.
<DD>Vaughan, M.A.
<DD>Withers, G.G.
<DD>Wylie, A.
<DD><P>Total: 32</DL>
Mr. Peacock
<DD>Astley, D.
<DD>Barry, M.
<DD>Bland, R.
<DD>Bowen, I.F.
<DD>Cardey, J.C.
<DD>Child, B.M.
<DD>Cumpsty, J.
<DD>Dickenson, R.S.
<DD>Jackson, G.P.
<DD>Jones, J.F.
<DD>Knott, A.F.
<DD>Knott, D.
<DD>Lowe, D.
<DD>Morris, G.R.
<DD>Murphy, P.E.
<DD>Oldfield, K.
<DD>Pratt, A.V.
<DD>Robertson, G.
<DD>Rowley, G.
<DD>Saunders, E.J.
<DD>Scott, B.W.
<DD>Singleton, H.
<DD>Stratton, W.H.
<DD>Watson, V.W.
<DD>Whelan, T.D.
<DD>Wilson, S.L.
<DD>Worthington, D.
<DD>Wreba-Jaworski, S.K.
<DD><P>Total: 28</DL>
Mr. Peacock
<DD>Batty, P.R.
<DD>Bradshaw, K.G.
<DD>Brierley, D.
<DD>Buxton, L.W.
<DD>Cohen, G.B.
<DD>Eaman, M.
<DD>Fagan, P.G.
<DD>Frost, A.J.
<DD>Gorman, P.J.
<DD>Green, B.
<DD>Hempling, D.
<DD>Heyes, R.W.
<DD>Hirsch, P.D.J.
<DD>Hodkinson, I.
<DD>Huyton, J.
<DD>Jackson, N.T.
<DD>Kaiserman, P.
<DD>Lawson, A.
<DD>Legge, A.B.
<DD>Leivers, R.N.
<DD>Maney, J.
<DD>Moores, G.
<DD>Pilling, R.
<DD>Rich, R.
<DD>Smith, K.J.
<DD>Whittaker, D.M.
<DD>Wilkinson, H.
<DD><P>Total: 28</DL>
Mr. Sinclair
<DD>Bradbury, G.T.
<DD>Bradshaw, W.G.
<DD>Brown, G.J.
<DD>Duce, P.J.C.
<DD>Fearnhead, A.J.
<DD>Gilson, J.L.
<DD>Hartley, I.A.
<DD>Hesford, S.J.
<DD>Howard, G.
<DD>Hyatt, H.A.
<DD>Hyde G.F.
<DD>James, D.A.
<DD>Jarvis, P.G.
<DD>Matson, D.
<DD>Ncison, R.
<DD>Palliser, J.G.
<DD>Parker, G.P.
<DD>Smith, G. R
<DD>Smith, J.
<DD>Williams, D.R.
<DD>Williams, P.
<DD>Williams, R.P.
<DD><P>Total: 23</DL>
Mr. Speakman
<DD>Ankers, R.
<DD>Batty, S.J.
<DD>Cretney, J.C.
<DD>Duffield, D.F.
<DD>Duffy, S.
<DD>Graham, N.H.
<DD>Greenhalgh, J.
<DD>Hunt, G.
<DD>Kjnsley, J.
<DD>Latchford, S.N.
<DD>Linton, K.G.
<DD>Mcveety, I.
<DD>Nicol, C.A.
<DD>Parnell, J.
<DD>Regan, R.
<DD>Seymour, B.
<DD>Smith, L.
<DD>Tobias, D.
<DD>Watson, G.R.
<DD>Wood, J.W.
<DD>Woodbridge, B.E.
<DD><P>Total: 21</DL>
Mr. Browning
<DD>Ahmad, M.
<DD>Ash, J.E.
<DD>Barratt, R.
<DD>Booth, T.
<DD>Brown, A.R.
<DD>Brown, A.R.
<DD>Bryce, D.
<DD>Condliffe, E.
<DD>Cronin, D.
<DD>Cunliffe, D.
<DD>Doodson, E.
<DD>Ellis, D.
<DD>Gaskell, P.
<DD>Glaister, C.J.
<DD>Harper, W.
<DD>Hibbert, W.
<DD>Holroyd, T.W.
<DD>Lloyd, R.
<DD>Jones, K.
<DD>Kay, B.J.
<DD>Ledger, G.
<DD>Lewtas, G.
<DD>Lyons, A.
<DD>McArthur, W.
<DD>Ratcliffe, B.W.
<DD>Tetlow, C.J.
<DD>Trickett, K.J.
<DD>Vinden, J.
<DD>Williams, S.
<DD><P>Total: 29</DL>
Mr. Watkinson
<DD>Barton, D.J.
<DD>Bott, A.K.
<DD>Carr, N.G.
<DD>Collinge, B.
<DD>Conway, C.
<DD>Dombavand, J.A.
<DD>Edwards, B.D.
<DD>Jones, E.N.
<DD>McLoughlin, R.S.
<DD>Pattinson, R.R.
<DD>Pearson, L.H.
<DD>Plant, D.W.
<DD>Simms, A.G.
<DD>Slack, D.R.
<DD>Stevens, B.
<DD>Tattersall, A.
<DD>Thornley, T.
<DD>Wass, P.R.
<DD>Whittall, R.
<DD>Williams, M.
<DD><P>Total: 29</DL>
Mr. Acton
<DD>Ager, W.
<DD>Ashton, M.
<DD>Beck, I.H.
<DD>Blaydon, M.A.
<DD>Clucas, D. L
<DD>Creathorn, A.G.
<DD>Crawford, S.
<DD>Croft, A.S.
<DD>Dodd, R.E.
<DD>Durrant, R.W.
<DD>Edwards, S.A.
<DD>Farnworth, P.G.
<DD>Farragher, R.E.
<DD>Fawdrey, P.J.
<DD>Holt, R.M.
<DD>Kerr, D.N.
<DD>Lowe, D.A.
<DD>Mitchell, S.W.B.
<DD>Robinson, D.H.
<DD>Russell, P.
<DD>Seymour, S.
<DD>Thomson, C.T.
<DD>Walker, A.
<DD>Warburton, I.
<DD><P>Total: 27</DL>
Mr. Threadgold
<DD>Blythe, C.F.
<DD>Boocock, R.
<DD>Colyear, J.B.
<DD>Connally, M.E.
<DD>Conroy, G.M.
<DD>Crankshaw, D.A.
<DD>Fielding, P.A.J.
<DD>Grayson, C.
<DD>Hall, J.
<DD>Hamilton, R.
<DD>Heap, D.N.
<DD>Hewis, A.R.
<DD>Johnson, S.K.
<DD>Kershaw, J.A.
<DD>Leaf, J.
<DD>Leigh, K.
<DD>Lenehan, D.R.
<DD>Linton, G.W.
<DD>MckMullen, K.J.
<DD>Milburn, J.
<DD>Monument, R.J.
<DD>Platt, A.T.
<DD>Pritchard, B.
<DD>Rodgers, D.
<DD>Rooncy, C.G.
<DD>Rumley, K.
<DD>Smith, R.
<DD>Tarrant, R.W.
<DD>Taylor, I.B.
<DD>Williams, S.J.
<DD>Young, A.
<DD><P>Total: 31</DL>
Mr. Knight
<DD>Barber, D.
<DD>Baron, D.R.
<DD>Billington, T.
<DD>Bold, M.
<DD>Conway, B.S.
<DD>Courtis, P.H.
<DD>Crusack, J.P.
<DD>Fossati, D.G.
<DD>Gravell, K.
<DD>Greenwood, A.D.
<DD>Holmes, J.
<DD>Hughes, K.R.
<DD>Johnson, A.F.
<DD>Johnson, P.
<DD>Kaye, J.R.
<DD>Kenyon, K.F.H.
<DD>Levy, A.D.
<DD>Livesey, P.J.
<DD>Minnice, J.S.
<DD>Moffat, D.R.
<DD>Montgomery, P.
<DD>Morrison, I.
<DD>Oliver, S.J.
<DD>Quail, D.R.
<DD>Robinson, K.
<DD>Turton, P.
<DD>Twemlow, J.E.
<DD>Tye, T.D.
<DD><P>Total: 28</DL>
Mr. Horrocks
<DD>Barlow, G.C.
<DD>Battersby, P.A.
<DD>Bryant, J.
<DD>Buckley, G.G.
<DD>Cutts, G.R.
<DD>Dunning, D.
<DD>Edwards, D.
<DD>Elston, J.A.
<DD>Featherstone, N.F.
<DD>Fishburn, D.
<DD>Fitzgerald, K.
<DD>Gray, J.P.
<DD>Hamilton, W.
<DD>Howieson, A.
<DD>Jones, R.A.
<DD>Lowe, A.
<DD>Mulligan, D.J.
<DD>Oakes, C.
<DD>Palmer, R.
<DD>Potts, I.M.
<DD>Roney, D.J.
<DD>Simmons, S.
<DD>Smith, D.
<DD>Stringer, B.A.
<DD>Timperley, N.
<DD>Tupper, G.
<DD>Wheatley, A.
<DD><P>Total: 28</DL>
Mr. Bland
<DD>Antrobus, R.D.
<DD>Arold, D.G.
<DD>Beirne, J.
<DD>Clarke, K.
<DD>Daniels, G.G.
<DD>Darby, G.E.
<DD>Ford, R.
<DD>Frost, P.
<DD>Haslam, A.
<DD>Jackson, C.
<DD>Jackson, P.M.
<DD>Jones, R.A.
<DD>Kiernan, E.
<DD>Liptrot, A.P.
<DD>McGough, J.S.
<DD>Milcwcyzyk, A.
<DD>Payne, J.E.A.
<DD>Perry, C.T.
<DD>Robinson, B.F.
<DD>Rrumey, F.R.
<DD>Shanks, D.E.
<DD>Simms, B.P.
<DD>Smith, J.G.
<DD>Smith, S.J.
<DD>Spicer, R.
<DD>Stead, D.J.
<DD>Thompson, E.E.
<DD>Trizcinski, J.
<DD>Webb, K.
<DD>Winston, F.
<DD><P>Total: 31</DL>
Mr. McKinley
<DD>Abrahams, D.
<DD>Andrews, D.
<DD>Ashton, C.A.
<DD>Barber, P.
<DD>Burton, C.A.
<DD>Clayton, P.
<DD>Farrlley, R.P.
<DD>Ferguson, A.
<DD>Fletcher, R.
<DD>Foulger, N.J.
<DD>Grainger, R.
<DD>Gregory, R.W.L.
<DD>Gregory, S.J.
<DD>Hall, I.J.
<DD>Healey, A.K.
<DD>Hough, S.G.
<DD>Howells, G.
<DD>Jones, R.K.
<DD>Lee, I.C.
<DD>Lynch, M.P.
<DD>Malley, W.E.
<DD>Mansell, I.M.
<DD>Popkowski, A.M.
<DD>Potter, I.A.
<DD>Smitham, K.F.
<DD>Spicer, M.J.
<DD>Taylor, G.
<DD>Trew, P.
<DD>Ward, J.K.
<DD>Weingard, S.H.
<DD>Worsley, A.C.
<DD>Worthington, A.J.
<DD><P>Total: 32</DL>
Mr. Lee
<DD>Adam, P.
<DD>Barclay, J.H.
<DD>Barnes, R.
<DD>Campim, R.G.
<DD>Collins, P.J.
<DD>Crate, F.C.
<DD>Davenport, J.R.
<DD>Edge, D.
<DD>Foulkes, J.A.
<DD>Garlick, D.P.
<DD>Greatorex, P.R.W.
<DD>Greenhough, C.A.C.J.S.
<DD>Hallows, G.
<DD>Jones, C.M.
<DD>Jones, D.F.
<DD>Kennedy, C.
<DD>Kilshaw, S.D.
<DD>Lomas, P.
<DD>Maguire, J.T.
<DD>Munro, S.
<DD>Ogley, G.K.
<DD>Parker, D.
<DD>Pelham, J.D.
<DD>Purves, J.H.
<DD>Ryan, M.C.
<DD>Sharpe, M.
<DD>South, R.B.
<DD>Szabo, S.
<DD>Whelan, T.R.
<DD>White, M.R.
<DD>Wood, A.R.
<DD>Wright, N.G.
<DD><P>Total: 32</DL>
Mr. Salmons
<DD>Alderson, D.
<DD>Baguley, M.R.
<DD>Camphell, M.
<DD>Collison, B.
<DD>Davies, J.J.
<DD>Farragher, A.T.
<DD>Garford, S.
<DD>Gifkins, B.L.
<DD>Gregory, S.
<DD>Harrison, N.H.
<DD>Hatton, S.G.
<DD>Howard, P.J.
<DD>Jenkins, D.J.
<DD>Jones, R. D
<DD>Karle, J.
<DD>Kaushik, S.K.
<DD>King, P.W.
<DD>Lafon, R.G.
<DD>Oldfield, P.
<DD>Pointon, S.J.
<DD>Pye, P.
<DD>Ramsden, A.
<DD>Randles, K.C.
<DD>Rice, D.S.
<DD>Sheridan, T.
<DD>Simpson, A.
<DD>Thorp, P.
<DD>Wallace, D.J.
<DD>Warhurst, G.
<DD>Williams, C.
<DD>Williams, K.P.
<DD><P>Total: 31</DL>
Dr. Sutcliffe
<DD>Armstrong, S
<DD>Ballingall, S.G.
<DD>Bennett, J.W.
<DD>Beswick, C.W.
<DD>Bowden, W.E.
<DD>Bruce, R.P.B.I.
<DD>Butterworth, A.S.
<DD>Chapman, P.
<DD>Clabrough, R.C.
<DD>Dickerson, B.
<DD>Elms, E.
<DD>Gaffin, C.A.
<DD>Hallworth, K.A.
<DD>Hargreaves, P.
<DD>Harrison, A.
<DD>Jones, C.R.
<DD>Key, G.J.
<DD>Lydon, N.T.W.
<DD>McHale, J.
<DD>Maguire, K.
<DD>Niaxwell, W.
<DD>Mellor, D.W.
<DD>Ogden, C.
<DD>Pertoldi, P.
<DD>Playfoot, A.G.
<DD>Ramsden, R.
<DD>Ramshead, G
<DD>Ratcliffe, L.
<DD>Standring, G.D.
<DD>Turton, J.B.
<DD>Valentine, J.J.
<DD><P>Total: 31</DL>
Mr. Stelfox
<DD>Barrett, I.R.
<DD>Barton, S.
<DD>Bonner, R.
<DD>Brannen, R.
<DD>Brown, D.J.
<DD>Brown, M.D.
<DD>Craven, J.M.
<DD>Din, M.
<DD>Ellis, G.F.
<DD>Felton, S.
<DD>Ferrario, J.
<DD>Fielding, G.
<DD>Hall, D.
<DD>Hanson, B.D.
<DD>Holmes, D.
<DD>Jones, M.
<DD>Jones, T.P.
<DD>Lamb, K.W.
<DD>Leigh, G.
<DD>McCord, R.
<DD>Moffat, I.
<DD>Nicolson, A.T.
<DD>O'Loughlin, S.P.
<DD>Payton, J.
<DD>Scruton, G.E.
<DD>Shenton, T.M.H.
<DD>Whiteside, T.
<DD>Whitham, T.
<DD><P>Total: 28</DL>
Mr. Lawes
<DD>Broadhurst, C.
<DD>Campbell, N.
<DD>Edwards, S.
<DD>Fawcett, R.
<DD>Firth, J.L.
<DD>Fowler, J.A.
<DD>Fox, D.
<DD>Garratt, C.A.
<DD>Goldstraw, B.T.
<DD>Hadfield, P.
<DD>Henshall, R.
<DD>Hopkin, S.D.
<DD>Huntington, J.R.
<DD>Jacobi, B.
<DD>Johnson, A.
<DD>King, J.W.
<DD>Knott, M.C.
<DD>Lee, A.
<DD>Lowe, K.G.
<DD>McIntyre, J.E.
<DD>Murphy, B.R.
<DD>Pickering, D.W.
<DD>Pointon, D.A.
<DD>Rafter, W.T.
<DD>Riley, G.
<DD>Shepherd, P.F.
<DD>Swain, P.A.
<DD>Talbot, R.H.
<DD>Waskiw, J.
<DD>Wood, D.
<DD>Wooler, J.R.
<DD>Wrightson, A.
<DD><P>Total: 32</DL>
Mr. Barlow
<DD>Bell, J.
<DD>Bolton, B.
<DD>Brand, C.T.
<DD>Campbell, A.W.
<DD>Collinge, J.
<DD>Critchlow, A.
<DD>Dillnutt, A.W.
<DD>Flynn, C.
<DD>Graham, B.
<DD>Hamer, S.W.
<DD>Heaton, S.W.
<DD>Henly, P.
<DD>Kelly, P.J.
<DD>Lindsey, J.
<DD>Milner, W.
<DD>Poynton, S.
<DD>Pybus, S.J.
<DD>Rapley, J.T.
<DD>Robinson, C.G.
<DD>Simms, C.R.
<DD>Sleigh, R.F.
<DD>Sutton, J.R.
<DD>Taubenbaus, C.
<DD>Teague, R.C.
<DD>Tennant, S.
<DD>Tiller, J.W.
<DD>Trail, J.M.
<DD>Turner, G.K.
<DD>Wynne, G.W.
<DD>Young, R.
<DD><P>Total: 30</DL>
Mr. Atkins
<DD>Angel, M.
<DD>Barnes, K.
<DD>Bodgin, A.D.
<DD>Bradbury, B.S.
<DD>Brooksbank, R.J.
<DD>Butler, D.
<DD>Farrington, B.
<DD>Ford, A.
<DD>Hess, D.M.
<DD>Lewis, B.
<DD>Mawman, G.N.
<DD>McCheyne, S.
<DD>Maxwell, D.
<DD>Mitchell, P.W.
<DD>Moores, K.
<DD>Morris, C.E.
<DD>Moyniham, J.T.
<DD>Nixon, F.
<DD>Raynor, P.
<DD>Royal, E.
<DD>Seddon, B.M.
<DD>Siddall, A.A.
<DD>Silverman, M.
<DD>Simpson, W.A.
<DD>Thomas, A.
<DD>Travis, D.
<DD>Varley, H.
<DD><P>Total: 27</DL>
Mr. Garner
<DD>Appleton, J.
<DD>Barraclough, G.S.
<DD>Boshell, J.S.
<DD>Conway, D.R.
<DD>Cutts, F.C.
<DD>Davenport, J.
<DD>Derbyshire, D.C.
<DD>Fearon, J.S.
<DD>Fender, D.
<DD>Gee, M.L.
<DD>Halstead, L.T.
<DD>Jawando, D.
<DD>Johnston, A.A.
<DD>Marino, A.P.
<DD>Mason, V.
<DD>Mechan, K.
<DD>Midgley, R.
<DD>Newton, S.J.
<DD>Quail, J.P.
<DD>Rubenstein, D.
<DD>Runcorn, S.M.
<DD>Salmon, N.B.
<DD>Seaton, A.
<DD>Swinburn, D.S.
<DD>Whittaker, P.
<DD><P>Total: 25</DL>
Mr. Ryder
<DD>Ager, E.
<DD>Bailey, D.J.
<DD>Boswell, P.
<DD>Bridge, T.S.
<DD>Cartledge, R.M.
<DD>Chapman, P.
<DD>Clifford, D.G.
<DD>Copper, J.R.
<DD>Crosgrove, R.
<DD>Derbyshire, I.K.
<DD>Francis, D.V.
<DD>Goodwin, S.
<DD>Hofton, J.G.
<DD>Holmes, N.J.
<DD>Hulme, D.
<DD>Ingle, J.
<DD>Jackson, S.
<DD>Kendrick, A.J.
<DD>Kniveton, K.
<DD>Lake, P.W.
<DD>Lardi, D.A.
<DD>Morley, A.I.
<DD>Noonan, H.W.
<DD>Rowland, S.W.
<DD>Searby, L.
<DD>Smith, E.F.
<DD>Smitham, J.T.
<DD>Stansfield, E.
<DD>Taylor, D.
<DD>Wylie, K
<DD><P>Total: 30</DL>
Mr. Stones
<DD>Ainsworth, P.R.
<DD>Astbury, D.
<DD>Atkinson, I.
<DD>Bowcock, A.T.
<DD>Buxton, M.D.
<DD>Calf, J.
<DD>Crozier, M.A.
<DD>Darbyshire, J.
<DD>Dumphy, A.
<DD>Farragher, B.D.
<DD>Farragher, R.
<DD>Fawcett, J.B.
<DD>Graham, R, M.
<DD>Hewitt, P.M.
<DD>Hope, R.
<DD>Hughes, W.J.
<DD>Kennedy, D.M.
<DD>Land, M.C.
<DD>Llewellyn, P.W.
<DD>Lucas, S.W.
<DD>Mohammed, A. [Amin, M.]
<DD>Moth, W.E.
<DD>Pearse, N.
<DD>Rawlinson, D.
<DD>Rynham, K.
<DD>Shaw, C.A.
<DD>Sykes, S.
<DD>Talbot, K.J.
<DD>Turner, P.D.
<DD>Williams, P, R.
<DD><P>Total: 31</DL>
Mr. Eckersley
<DD>Adams, J.K.
<DD>Adderley, R.G.
<DD>Armitt, P.
<DD>Burton, R.G.
<DD>Byme, D.
<DD>Carley, J.P.
<DD>Charnock, E.
<DD>Cole, S.
<DD>Davies, P.
<DD>Dervan, J.P.
<DD>Evans, R.W.
<DD>Harrison, N.
<DD>Holcroft, J.
<DD>Malcolm, I.
<DD>Mellings, I.
<DD>Middleton, G.
<DD>MeVittie, S.J.
<DD>Norbury, I.
<DD>Penlington, J.
<DD>Perkins, J.L.
<DD>Purdon, G.R.
<DD>Richardson, J.
<DD>Rigby, D.B.
<DD>Simpson, G.
<DD>Smith, P.J.
<DD>Symonds, D.
<DD>Taylor, J.S.
<DD>Thompson, D.
<DD>Wainscott, P.P.
<DD>Waring, P.
<DD><P>Total: 30</DL>
Mr. Millington
<DD>Alman, S.N.
<DD>Becconsall, M.
<DD>Bowes, P.L.
<DD>Buchanan, I.C.
<DD>Byrne, T.
<DD>Caplan, E.
<DD>Clarke, S.
<DD>Colleavy, D.J.
<DD>Cooper, C.J.
<DD>Edmunds, P.
<DD>Elliott, V.C.
<DD>Faulkner, G.
<DD>Gee, D.
<DD>Hibbert, A.
<DD>Holloway, S.R.
<DD>Holmes, S.J.
<DD>Jennings, P.J.
<DD>Lawler, C.
<DD>Leonard, J.
<DD>Murgatroyd, B.
<DD>Reynolds, J.
<DD>Roberts, G.
<DD>Rohl, D.M.
<DD>Speake, B.K.
<DD>Standing, M.H.
<DD>Stoddard, P.
<DD>Taylor, M.
<DD>Waddicor, C.
<DD>Williams, J.
<DD>Woods, G.E.
<DD>Wrega, R.H.
<DD><P>Total: 31</DL>
Mr. Bohanna
<DD>Basnett, H.K.
<DD>Bindotti, P.
<DD>Cowle, C.N.
<DD>Evans, R.C.R.
<DD>Ford, A.L.
<DD>Garrity, K, A.
<DD>George, A.S.
<DD>Giles, D.
<DD>Glover, S.S.
<DD>Goldwater, S.
<DD>Hendrey, D.
<DD>Hinchcliffe, D.S.
<DD>Hulston, A.
<DD>Johnson, I.L.
<DD>Miller, R.J.
<DD>Monks, M.
<DD>Morris, G.D.
<DD>Noden, A.G.
<DD>Porter, B.R.
<DD>Redwood, D.C.
<DD>Shuttleworth, D.
<DD>Snow, P.C.
<DD>Stearns, M.
<DD>Taylor, P.D.
<DD>White, D.C.
<DD>Wilson, D.
<DD>Woods, T.L.
<DD><P>Total: 27</DL>
<DT>House Captains:
<DD><TABLE><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>Byrom</B>: <TD>Shaw, A.
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>Chadwick</B>: <TD>Caruana, A.
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>Cheetham</B>: <TD>Bailey, A.
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>Dalton</B>: <TD>Johnston, J.
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>Moss</B>: <TD>Boardman, R.
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>Whitworth</B>: <TD>Roberts, A.E.</TABLE></DL>
<DT>SOCCER Captains:
<DD><TABLE><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>1st XI</B>: <TD>Bailey, A.
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>2nd XI</B>: <TD>Trickett, D.
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>U-15</B>: <TD>Slack, D.
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>U-14</B>: <TD>Kennedy, C.
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>U-13</B>: <TD>Gee, M.
<TR><TD ALIGN=RIGHT><B>U-12</B>: <TD>Snow, P.</TABLE></DL>
<DT>RUGBY Captains:
<DD><B>U-15</B>:  Bolt, A.
<DD><B>U-14</B>:  South, R.B.
<DD><B>U-13</B>:  Edwards, S.</DL>
<DD>Major L.P. De la Perrelle</DL>
<DD>Mr.N.A. Eckersley</DL>


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Greetings from John Davies. I attended Manchester Central Grammar School between 1960 and 1965. I remember Whitworth Street very well, just across from Umist where the atom was first split by Rutherford in the 1920's I believe. I remember Mr. Millington. He took us for chemistry and Physics. I think I am right in saying there was a mix of chemistry and physics in the First year. I remember demonstrations of old spark machines and other beautifully made pieces of equipment of wood and brass. Mr. Millington was  known to us as 'Molecules Millington'. I remember Mr. Rourke causing me to get the slipper as I was seen on the upstairs of a bus without my school cap on. He was a deadly shot with that board duster even scoring direct hits from a rebound. Also, I remember the daily tuck shop. I am not sure if my memory is playing tricks but I think turns were taken to run this for a day or two. The school being in Central Manchester, 'Speech Day' was held in the Free Trade Hall. The Christmas Service was in St. Anns Church in St. Anns Square and the Easter Service in Manchester Cathedral.
In the New building, as was, at Kirkmanshulme Lane, the memory plays tricks, but I do remember Mr. Soulby as a kindly gentle English teacher who had taught Robert Donat who became Richard Hannay in the Thirty-Nine Steps. Mr. Soulby was nicknamed 'Kipper Feet' because is cracked but highly polished shoes turned outwards at an angle. I learnt somewhere this was caused by trench foot as he had been a soldier in the first world war. I can thank him for my love of reading to this day. Mr. Salmon was a smasher. Mr. Caldbeck was harsh. Mr. Hale for somebody with a broad working class Manchester accent French was impossible and Mr. Hale was a nightmare. The headmaster Mr. De La Perelle came from Jersey in the Channel Islands. He was a superb figurehead for the school but his deputy appeared to enjoy administering the cane. Mr. Atkins for Maths wrote on my report in algebra 'Should take up knitting'.
I remember going home with migraine headaches in the sunny weather. At some stage we had a maths teacher, Mr. Khan, for double maths twice a week. We were situate in the corner of the building above the ground floor. The sun would come through and reflect off the white pages of the exercise book which had to be kept open and near blind one by the end of the afternoon. He would not allow the blinds to be drawn which had been provided for this purpose. I shall end my contribution there for the moment. There is much more to come if anybody is interested. John Davies.

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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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Greetings to all. I attended the s cool from 1961 to 66 , god wish  th a I  soul be able to go back knowing what I know now  when i did attend. Remember a few teacher Mr Pope was my die form master Ans I was lucky enough to be able to see himat when he became head at Newall Green Big school, still called him sir even then. Me Dr la Dr in Chortle when shopping one day still the fantastic gentleman. Do have difficulty remembering some facts sorry to say at67 going on 68 memory bit  vague, believe it is Sal start of Alzheimer's, too bad am able to forget that bloody cane.
Will go into more details soon, good luck to yoy all.

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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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Hello again. Hope you are able to read this message unlike my first attempt.I attended the school from1961 to 1965 and have some good and bad memories of my time there. Will never miss that cane but then again I seem to remember that I did deserve it. Must admit that I did rather waste my time at the school and it was only after I had left that I did take my education more serious, doing extra o levels and my A levels at  night school and my BA with the OU.I feel it is because you get older and wiser that you can look back and see just how enjoyable your time at the school was.
If anyone wants to try and organise a reunion would be willing to attend, only make it snappy, have had to retire from my parish because of the start of Alzheimer's. The only good thing is people talk more open when you do not have a dog collar on, and I can swear without raised eyebrows.
Well  rack whats left of the old grey matter and try and recall nor next time
Good luck to all........Tony.

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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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NON  NOBIS  DOMINE       !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Right as I am sure you have noticed not very good at this computer lark very old fashioned pen and paper man.
Must admit but have never even sent a text message, no need when others do it for you, so now you realise how much I am struggling.

Firstly does anyone have any  details about John or Geof Woofer, John and I travelled to and from school together for 5 years and it would be nice to meet again before I lose it.
We  also did detentions together when we were late, Perrelle was headmaster and as nice as he was he still liked giving out those bloody detentions. Met him some years later in Chorlton, ridiculous a grown man of 30 still calling him sir.
Yes I remember Caldbeck, would have loved to tell him where to stick his chisel, but as a coward decided to keep my mouth shut, he scared me.
Mr Pope was my first  year frm master and also my French teacher. He could not understand how I always received an A for my home work yet struggled in any little tests that he gave us, ( my father being French/Canadian and not being able to speak English till he was sixteen had something to do with it).
I explains quite honestly that I froze in exams and would have got away with it if he had not had a15 minute chat with my dad on open night. After that my homework went down rapidly, no more A marks.
Met him again when he was headmaster of Newell Green High, I was a city councillor at the time on the education committee, technically his boss, spent the whole time calling him sir as well.
Garner was my second year frm master, can't remember what he taught , shows what a great impression he made on me. Other staff I think I can recall , Atkins - Maths ?  Hollick - History ?
Then of course there was Mr Millington, yes we called him molecular as well. He took us for I think Physics and was also our years rugby coach.
How many remember the bus ride to Pars Wood for games. The changing rooms were a hike from the pitches and if it was raining toy were drenched before you had even started.

Can't get that flaming song Non Nobis out of my head now.

Struggling to remember any more when I do will post again,
Good luck to all and keep posting.    TONY....

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Re: Manchester Central Grammar School for Boys
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I found this forum a couple of years ago, but don't think that I have ever posted to it. I was at the school 1962-1969.

I am only in touch with a very small number of former pupils comprising some current close friends and some long distance acquaintances. If anyone remembers me and wants to see what I get up to now, you can find me via my Twitter handle @mohammed_amin or my website www [DOT] mohammedamin [DOT] com or by just Googling my name.


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